Problems with Technology
Every day scientists and inventors are hard at work looking at ways to improve the technology we all know and love. Whether its televisions, computers, music players, or telephones, something new is always emerging that is blowing our minds away. Nowadays people have laptops instead of computers, iPods instead of walkman, and the one causing most problems of them all, cell phones instead of telephones. Cell phones have improved the ways of communication, but have resulted in anti-socialization, people being materialistic, numerous health problems and numerous deaths.
About 50 years ago, the best way to communicate with someone was either by picking up the telephone that was attached to a wall in your house and calling them or writing them a letter. Nowadays we have cell phones which allow us to communicate anywhere and at anytime of the day. Although this is great when parents want to talk to their children who are away at college or families want to talk to their loved ones who live far away it promotes a lot of problems. The first phone call made by a cell phone was in 1973 by Martin Cooper and cell phones began to be sold to the public in 1983. Back then not a lot of people had the money or need for cell phones. The first cell phones to be sold were large, useless to people, and very expensive. In size, you could compare them to the size of a portable radio. In price, the first cell phone made by Motorola cost $3,995 (Retro Brick). Minimum wage for the working person was $3.35 in 1983 (Infoplease). If you had a cell phone in 1983 you were considered to be ?rich?. Nowadays, if you walk down the street you will rarely ever encounter a person who does not own a cell phone. The cell phones now cost between $200 and $400 with minimum wage being set at $8. In 2010, the number of cell phones world-wide hit an outrageous 4.6 billion (Ogg).
Cell phones do not just have the capability to make calls, but they have the capability to send text messages, videos, and pictures. The more advanced cell phones are Blackberry?s and ?smart phones?. ?Smart phones?, like the iPhone, allow access to the internet, movies, and even television shows. The most popular phone is now the iPhone, which is made by Apple. The iPhone allows its users to check their emails, watch movies, listen to music and the availability to access over a million different types of applications for everything and anything. Some applications are helpful like ones about the weather, the stock market, or navigation. Others are pointless, like the ones for games, funny noises, and even ones that act as love calculators.
With phones being able to do so much people do not need to socialize with other people. Instead of calling a friend to catch up with them, a quick text can be sent. Instead of calling a restaurant to see what time they are open until, it can be found by looking it up on the internet using the cell phone. The social skills of people are decreasing. A lot of teenagers and young adults have a hard time communicating face-to-face with someone because they are so used to texting. It is a lot easier to text the friends you already have instead of making new friends while in class. If you take the train as a way of transportation on the way to and from work you will notice that everyone is playing with their phones. You have the few people who will read, but mainly people are sending e-mails, checking their Facebook, and texting. One way to solve this problem would be to eliminate unlimited text messaging and put stronger restrictions on the amount of minutes a user can have. By putting a limit on text messaging and minutes, people will be forced to communicate face-to-face when their limits have been reached.
As cell phones are made with more and more capabilities the need for them is larger than ever. On June 24, 2010, Apple released the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is equipped with 2 cameras (which allow for video chatting), a 5-megapixel camera, and HD video recording (Ogg). Within the first 24 hours of being on the market about 1.5 million iPhone?s were sold (Ogg). Most likely, many the people who invested