Ch 9 GRY 1010

Continentality is a climatic effect resulting from the insulation of continental interior from the influences of the ocean such as winds char acterized by the intense temperature changes over the land as compared to the temperatures over the water. This has resulted to long cold winters in Vologda with temperatures falling to -40F. This has also led to adverse and severe physical conditions that have led to poor soils hence farming impossible.
Collective farming played a major role in eradicating the developing capitalism that had entered under the planned economic policy. During the Soviet era, if focused on the provision of houses to its employees. It also organized for extra services such as schools as well as shops. The collective farming main focus was on industrialization hence a large amount of capital was inve s ted in these projects that eventually led to more problems than good.
The extensive industrialization led to shortages on human needs in the long run. This led to the economic crisis that led to most state owned property to be privatized . The state owned houses now become personal property. The people had to look for an alternative other than just rely ing on farming that had suffered severe market failures. This was a reform after the breakup of the Soviet Union that had led to severe environmental degradation. Privatization made the community to enhance new market reforms.
St. Peter burg lies at a po sition Neva River meets the Gulf of Finland. This city was established in early 1700. Its strategic location that is near the seaport provides the rest of the European continent with a link for easy trade that has boosted the economic activities in the reg ion. Its location has enabled it to be accessible under the influences of western ways and easy trade with the rest of the European continent.
Russia was well known for the poor economy that was under the influence of communism. The country suffered a great loss during the Soviet era since it disrupted the peaceful trade that it had enjoyed with the neighboring Soviet countries. This led minimal supply quantity in the country. In order to boost the market economy, the country has established timber processing meant to complement the sh o rt comings from the seasonal farming and the dairy farming been the centre market and near a seaport, it intends to improve its international state in order to improve the market and the economy of the country.

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