Every year, businesses have to change the way they approach the rapid changing of the elements of modern technology. With our television fading and the social media rising, also it seems the smart phone and tablets are taking the way we do thing. There is some ways that smart phones have incorporated our business.
1. Email and how fast we can respond: Smart phones have advanced business communication so far since they first became a part of the internet age. Email now being available via smart phone makes it easier to be mobile without the need to carry a laptop computer around. This has changed the way of business communication is conducted. Also smart phones have done a lot in the way we think of emails.
2. Increased Attention to Social Networks: With the new advances in social networking on our personal lives; it has also brought up advances and the need for it in business. With the increased availability of networking apps communication through the use of apps has changed the way things are passed on. Word of mouth has become something of the past. 90% of all communication is done by smart or IPhones.
3. Easier Travel Opportunities: Are now available with the advancements of smart phones things like plane tickets, hotel rooms can now be purchased differently. The need for the traditional maps went to using GPS & navigation apps on your phone cheaper and at times more convenient than the ways of old.
4. Increased telecommuting Opportunities: With the advancements in telecommuting, working for an employer from home has now become more common than in the past.
With the devices technology has created telecommunication jobs are more readily available from most employers. With the advancements in smart phones consumers and businesses have saved time and money; they have also increased productivity which has created many new jobs.