By: Amari, Kelsey, Robert

How Power Was First Originated:
The Xia dynasty was discovered by Yu the Great
Yu established the hereditary system of succession and the concept of the dynasty which has become most familiar.
Yu’s son Qi ruled after him and power remained in the hands of the family until the last Xia ruler, Jie, was overthrown by Tang who established the Shang dynasty. (1600-1046 BCE)

How Power Operates:
The country is governed under the construction of 1982 as amended, the fifth constitution, since the accession of the Communists in 1949.
China began to build a modern legal system in the late 1970’s After opening itself economically to the rest of the world.
The legal system is not independent of the government, a problem that is especially acute on a local level, where corrupt officials manipulate the process to protect themselves and limit citizen's rights.

How Successful China Is:
There Authoritarian Government has remained committed to focusing on economic growth and implanted good policy decisions.
The high rate of savings means that almost 85% of China’s infrastructure has been sustainably funded by it’s Capital.
Consistent and Thoughtful Marketing has organized delegations and hosted conferences and exhibitions all to persuade foreign investors.
China has also successfully created several flexible investments

Are People Happy With The Demonstration Of Power?
What they are not happy with…
The Chinese have a growing wealth gap between the poor and rich.
1/3 of the Chinese are not meeting their financial needs and blame the government.
What the are happy with…
They like how the government are dealing with big problems and bringing popularity to the country.
The also like the economy is booming and rising up.

Corruption In China:
China presents business operating or planning to invest in the country with high risks.
The Chinese government, led by President Xi Jinping, is in the midst of a sweeping anti-corruption campaign which has led to thousands of arrests.
Corruption continues to negatively influence the business environment.
Anti-corruption laws are inconsistently and selectively enforced.
Corruption is a high risk for business when acquiring public services in China. China's crackdown on corruption and abuse of administrative power, particularly officials colluding with the private investors, anecdotal information indicates that public officials actively slow down approval of foreign investment projects in order to not arouse corruption suspicions .

If LOTF Adopted This Structure:
If the LOTF Characters did adopt this kind of governmental structure, their situation would be so much different from what they have been currently dealing with.
Instead of using a conch shell to determine who is speaking, why not determine a leader and a secretary as if this was a real government? Constantly fighting over who has power and who doesn’t gets tiring, and instead of fighting for that title, fight for it emotionally, not physically.
China’s government and where they stand as a country as of now, they are finically and emotionally happy. They’re structure has remained since the Xia dynasty with very few changes and a majority of citizens has followed this for years.
So to conclude, characters and the novel in general would be so much different if they were to have this good of a government structure and they wouldn’t have to resort to the tactics they do.

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