College Composition 1 Unit6: Assignment
Kamika Unseld

The cause and effect of cyber bullying
The cause and effect of cyber bullying is to all like forms of bullying that is by psychological, emotional, and physical stress that each person to responded to being bullied that is unique but who are the bullied that have showed youth are at higher risk of depression and anxiety. What parents need to minimize the risk of cyber bullying is to understand the problem first hand so they can catch it early and they also need to learn how to gain their children trust and talk to them about the safety and rules that could happen while they are online.
Cyber bullying is where someone is using a technology to send mean and nasty threatening that is an embarrassing message to or about that person or another person. Sometimes it might can be in a form of a text, email, or a messages that they post online cyber bullying can be anonymous which they can spread quickly finally the target of cyber bullying can often feel like they can't get away from the bullying .
When someone is bullying you at school when you leave it for the day it's over but the cyber buying can followed you at home and it can continue to get worst over night. But imagine a classmate can post a photo or and video of themselves online and then someone else make it out to be mean or mocking them about that same classmate. So that photo has been shared liked and even reposted and thousands of people have seen it even target doesn't know about it yet. That's why cyber bullying it can be extra hurtful the public can spread it quickly 24/7
Cyber bullying is combined with bullying as while in schools that lower self-esteem which affects grades and there mental health but 50 per cent of youth do not understand that discriminatory languages is offensive not do they realize the negative impact that it have on the LBGT youth. GLSEN has also found that LGBT youth spend more time online than youth in general LBGT youth can make friends online and use the Internet to gather information about their sexuality and health including information's about HIV/AIDS.
LBGT youth are twice as likely to participate in political activities as others youth making these connections online also but the LGBT youth spend more time online they are more likely the target of cyber bullying as while. GLSEN statistics shown that students that who are experience bullying feel depressed anxious and may have others health problems students mistakenly identified as LBGT by their peers suffer just because as LGBT student do. The bullied will dropped out of school. LBGT students will have a disproportional amount of disciplinary problems that keep them out of school and make up 15 per cent of those that will incarcerated in juvenile detention center and it is no wonder that the suicide rate are higher due these negative influences.
Prevent It
Here are some tips to protect yourself from cyber bullying , and to prevent yourself from bullying others ; Never share your password, private photos, or personal data (such as address or phone number) online, not even with friends. Think before you post something's that if you're upset sad or even angry wait before or even respond give yourself some time too cool down so you don't do something that you can't take back. Remember if you share something online that it can be shared with anyone including family friends and teachers. When someone you comment about you or someone else imagine how do you feel if someone said it about you.
If it happens to you: Tell your parents or another trusted adulated whether if they believe it or not parents or another trusted adult. Believe it or not, they can help you. You don't have to do this alone . Save everything - emails, messages, posts, and screenshots . Don't delete until you have a copy. Print them out or save them on our computer or phone.
Talk to someone at your school - a teacher,