Colleges Composition 1: 04/17/2017
Kamika S. Unseld
When Lei and Dalman is trying to reorganize their business you may be restructuring your business into teams. The t raditional structures usually have a leader and multiple layers of subordinates. In its functional organization, occupations as a grouped together. In a divisional structure, each business unit conducts its own activities, such as sales, marketing and training. These traditional structures tend to rely on formal reporting relationships and work poorly if you need to change rapidly. On the other hand, team-based organizations are less structured and can adapt quickly to new situations . Lei and Dalman may hinder in creativity and innovation. But as a manager in a traditional organization typically makes the decisions without consulting t h e ir subordinates. In a team based structure the leader should typically seeks the participation of each team members and conducts brainstorming meetings to gather information. Depending on the kind of decision, time and resources available, job tasks, work environment and impact, the team approaches the decision-making process differently. This includes identifying individuals who need to participate in discussions and strategies for choosing alternatives. Lei and Dalman need to followed good team work effective as a team they should work well together to understand the strengths and weakness of each other team member. But o ne another can be the benefits of a strong team work place that is the leadership and the member of the proficients at the dividing up the task so they are done by the most qualified people. are done by the most qualified people. Without strong teamwork, it can be difficult for managers and executives to determine which staff members can best accomplish job tas k . They should have works groups and teams develop systems that allow them to complete tasks efficiently and quickly. Lei t ask is to handle a well-trained and efficient team, the team's work pace assures that the task will be completed quickly and accurately. And this will allows the company to take on more tasks in work and generate more revenue without having to add more staff. Lei and Dalman will become helpful when efficient teams w ill from different departments so they can work together. Each team is well aware of its own abilities and the groups can work together effectively as opposed to disjointed groups of employees who may not be familiar with the t eams in the workplace often meet to discuss how to solve company issues. When Lei a nd the team works well together it allows staff members to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions t eam members become accustomed to processing brainstorming information and the company benefits from the variety of suggestions that come from effective teams how to work together . By Dalman is working together on their challenge each day in the workplace and have a strong work team environment can act on as a support mechanism for the staff the workgroup members can help each others can improve their performance and work on it together toward improving the professional development. When Lei and Dalman bond the importance of the team is when it is face to face partic ularly are difficult challenge each day in any workplace and a strong team environment can act as a support mechanism for staff members. Work group members can help each other improve their performance and work together toward improving their professional development. Team members also come to rely on each other and trust each other. These bonds can be important difficult challenges or in a group that is force to deal with the loss of a team member is while understood to maintain the productivity. Then Lei and Dalman come into play when it come to self-managed teams that have greater the ownership for the task to performed the product services that they deliver and when the self-managed teams that is tend to be a loss cost and much more productive than employees working within the traditional and hierarchical structure because the team will perform both technical and management task t. The team members will also need to filled out and form for each other to cover holidays and