Colleges Composition 1: Unit 2 Assignment Date: 3/21/17

Cyber Security:
Kamika S. Unseld
In the modern world we refer to protect and practices that same processes that is used in technologies and programs in today that keep damages attacks from towording many information that which maybe distort information. That can create the tension in an organization so that the modern global industries that really rely on data that can acquire to stay relevant in order to competes a constantly in the moving of the technology world. Which involves dealing with threats arrange from malicious that are better known as malware and spyware to a company viruses but when some of these viruses are serious that can have the ability to erase the entire computer to access your personal information. Cyber security is the continuing effort to protect electronic data and computer system from unwanted intrusion according to the United States department of Homeland Security (DSH) that cyber attacks has increased dramatically over the past decade. But in today business world organization must be prepare themselves for not only to increase the vulnerability for attacks from the exterior threats that is seeking the terrorist to gain access to different companies and big corporation for their private data base to be used. Which being mindful of the threat of the disgruntled for the employees who mission is to exposed and sales the company and the company sensitive or secrets of the company. Like the super store Target had a big data breach just back in 2015 year where over millions of customer personal data information's had being leak out but they just settle a 39.4 million dollars lawsuit on December 2 ,2015. On the individuals who can cause deliberate attacks differences business strategies that give different discussion about the government and political documents that are some of the higher degrees of privacy . The National government which plays a vital role in the cyber security is both creating regulations that can force businesses to confirm to tighter their security measures for the information's and protecting vital infrastructure such as the nation power grid. The Government agencies and the DHS have continued to constantly monitor cyberspace for malicious activity information's for potential cyber threats. And they said it's only two kind of computers system that have been hacked and that will be hacked like for example crooks used the sophisticated methods to evade to detections and place malware on nearly 300 Hannaford Bros. And also supermarket servers to intercept payment information so when as many 4.2 million credit card and debit card numbers have may being exposed but ironically Hannaford was notified of it massive problem . Just like cyber bullying has being most common through on social media where the individual will pseudo accounts to published half truths about others embarrass them but on the other hand the cyber terrorism. Th is is my opinion: therefore have being a lot argument to concerning the cyber terrorism attacks on different kind of business for stealing people personal information since 2006 instead on the nation fixing the problem at hand it is going to get worst instead of getting better this will indicate that the terrorist activities that are the most cases politically moti vated and the main these secret operatives that can cause physical and psychological fear among the members of the public who may not be armed to