Justice means power, and everyone leads you to believe that it is found in our laws. We are supposed to believe that a judge and jury are the perfect means to clarify what is fair in every situation. Because of this we should obey all laws that society puts in front of us and leave the enforcing of the laws up to the courts. But to many a time have we seen the lies of this attitude. You can define justice in many ways. You could say that the simplest form is that it is the ?absence of injustice\'. This saying can allow us to see the appropriateness of prevention, because we should not wait for someone to abuse another before acting, once a situation has been raised we need to act to prevent injustice.
Justice can also have fundamentals of fairness, restitution, responsibility for one\'s actions, and protection of the future. With fairness and restitution it implies that there should be a balance between responsibility and damage. It something is damaged then you should pay restitution in the form of goods or services (not reprisals). But if something was damaged unknowingly, the person should still be held responsible for their actions and we should still pay for the lack of understanding. I believe that the victim should only pay in the case of an accident that no one could have ever predicted. You could say really that it is up to ever society to decide what kind of restitution they should have to pay to the victim. We just have to remember the justice system isn\'t always perfect and whatever the outcome, we will all have to live with it. When we do something wrong it is our fault and we do have to pay, no matter the system we are working with.