Week One Individual Assignment

The importance of purpose, audience, tone and content in academic writing is that they all should work together when writing an academic paragraph. The writer when he is writing a paragraph his sharing his stories, ideas, information and experiences. The writer must present the ideas to the audience clearly so the information can be easily understood. The tone influence the writing because it show the writer?s approach to the story that his writing about. The writer?s tone can prepare the audience for the different attitude of writing like funny, sad, mad or anxious. When writing a paragraph the writer needs to inform the audience in a professional manner so the readers don?t lose interest in the story. The purpose of a paragraph can vary; it can be from writing a novel to a children?s story. Every academic writing should have a purpose.
Keeping the elements of purpose, audience, tone, and content in mind when writing academically can help us to become a better writer and have a wider audience.