Comparing and Contrasting Auto Insurance

When you think about insurance you think about the safety of your family and you. That is what Health and Auto Insurance does. It gives you a peace of mind knowing that should something happen you and your family will be covered.
Let me give you a couple of examples of the security of having insurance. Not to long ago I was home getting dinner ready for my husband and was not paying attention while I was cutting potatoes. Not thinking about the new knife I had gotten I ended up cutting a tendon in my thumb. My husband had to drive me to the Emergency Room to see if they come repair it. Well, I was glad to have Health Insurance at that time more than anything. Since I had never gone to the ER I did not really pay any mind to the cost. Well, my insurance covered 100% of the cost after I had paid a small co-pay of $150.00. Wow, what a life saver. Can you imagine the cost that I would have had to pay? Unfortunately, the first surgery did not take and I had to get it done again. When I had to plan the second surgery I all I needed to do was pay the deductible of $1,500.00 and the doctor would send the rest of the bills to my insurance. With a second surgery, anesthesia and physical therapy there would have been no way I would ever be able to pay. With me have insurance it covered a huge amount of the financial burden.
Now lets think about why you should have auto insurance. First of in most states you need to have auto insurance so that you do not get a ticket. Second, auto insurance will cover you in the event that you have an accident. Auto insurance will cover the repairs you will need all you will have to do is pay the deductible. If your repairs are $1,500.00 and your deductible is $500.00. Once you pay the $500.00 the insurance will pick up the rest of the payments.
Comparing the two auto and health insurance you will see many things in common. For instance, both insurance you will have to pay a deductible so that they will cover the major bills. Also both will cover you in the possibility on an injury. The contrast you will find between the two would be that auto insurance will in most cases cover your injuries as well as any people involved in the accident. Health insurance only covers you and any one you pay for in your family. Also as of right now auto insurance is mandatory to have if you drive a vehicle but, with health insurance you do not have to be covered.
For me in the long run I would rather know that my family and I are safe and sound. With all the financial difficulty we have now a days it comforting knowing that you are covered with not having to pay a big bill should something ever happen to you, your family or your belonging.