Öznur Şahin
Week 6/ 03.11.2014
P4/ S3

We live in a constantly changing world, and we live in a era that everything is related to technology. Technology has a huge impact on our life styles from what we eat to what we wear. We no longer eat or wear same things and now we no longer spend our times that we used to ten years ago. Today with technological changes our entertainment style has changed and now children and even adults use computers to have fun. Using computers created a new entertainment trend " playing computer games". This new trend offers us try to new things and have fun according to our interests. There are a variety of computer games that everyone can find one for his interests and abilities. There are some common computer games and we can classify these games into 3 according to their final aim and how they are played to reach that aim: Destructive games, constructive games and mixed type games.
Destructive games are the games that aim to destroy the enemy and win the war. If you have quick reflexes, you can play these types of games. Speed is another requirement of these games, you need speed so that you can gain more points by killing and shooting. At the same time these games are violence promoted and because of this they are not suitable for children, so it is important to be selective while playing these games. If you want to play a destructive game, "STALKER" is a good option with the number of players around the world.
The ones who like construct something can play constructive games. These types of games aim to build cities, communities and civilizations. You need strategy, planning and calculation because you are trying to create new things and you need to think every detail extensively. You need to accumulate wealth and power by collecting points and/or objects and grow. Unlike destructive games you don`t need to speed because you don`t fight for something, you try to construct something and it takes time. If you want to try one, "Sims" is one of the best examples of these games.
Lastly, there are some mixed type of games that aim to compete and fight against the others while building your own city, civilization or kingdom. These types of games are a bit more challenging than others because they are a mixture of both types. You need to have all qualifications which are necessary for others so that you can achieve your goal. Basically you need to accumulate wealth and power and destroy others. These games have a complicated system and if you love hard you can play these games like Age of Empires.
In conclusion, changes in life affect our lives in every aspects and entertainment is one of them. Computer games are result of these changes and their purpose is entertain people according to their interests and abilities. There are a lot of computer game`s styles you can play and have fun on your own. It is a truth that there are a lot of games and entertainment styles, but the main aim is always same "enjoyment" so whichever way you choose just try to have fun.