Congressmen Criteria

Congressmen and women in the United States government are supposed to replicate my views and opinions everyday when they go to work. The main qualifications I want the members of congress to have are honesty and transparency. Especially with all the social media and less secrecy, the best policy is just to be upfront with the community of voters. Media outlets and constituents are waiting to find a statement they can use against that member of congress. Just as I go to work or school everyday, I expect my congressmen to be accountable to have good work ethic during their whole term of office not just the beginning or the end to be reelected. Besides them being extremely intelligent, I would want the members to participate and show leadership when making proposals and decisions and to not just sit back and let other members make decisions for the entire group. Cooperation is key because participating in the United States Congress is being part of a team, even though some people can be your enemies at certain times. Lastly, I would want my congressmen to be humble about his/her position because they got the job in Washington for a reason: to remain true to their followers.
I believe Paul Ryan exhibits these qualities above because I have followed him ever since I have started becoming interested in politics in high school when the 2012 presidential election happened my junior year. As soon as he came into the political world, he was known as a very honorable man with high integrity. At such a young age, he was already aiming for the Vice Presidency, which shows that he is prepared to be proactive in Washington for a very long time. He also shows the side of a humble All-American businessman and father since he is very family-oriented and appeals to the common constituent. As current Speaker of the House, he shows that he is a great leader and has made a true effort in uniting the Republicans in Congress in this time of need during the Obama administration. This includes his proposed repeal on Obamacare. He is well respected on both sides and tries not to stir too much heat between the Democrats showing cooperation. What I have learned the most about Congress is that it can be very stagnant, and I believe Paul Ryan is the upbeat, youthful change we need.
I do not like congressmen that have to draw even more attention to their name in a negative light, and this person would have to be Steve King from Iowa. He is known for his outlandish remarks that are highly offensive and controversial. There is a difference between being honest and transparent about issues and explicitly undermining people (cue Donald Trump joke). King is mostly notably known for bringing the debate to the House floor whether Obama is a natural born citizen or not. Steve King believes in causing a divide in politics. Even his fellow party members denounce King\'s statements, which are not showing cooperation or a team player. He is using his platform of a congressman for the spotlight not to humbly represent the people. King has recently introduced the bill to enforce immigration laws, but the robust behavior is taking away from the actual duty he should be fulfilling. All of his actions show his true character and undermines his ability as a congressman.