Continuing Academic Success
Shannan Johnson
March 27,2017
Shanell Stefin

Continuing Academic Success
When I decided that it was time to continue my education, I knew that I would have to take the proper steps for me to flourish in my career. I knew that I would have to choose the right school for me and work towards being a successful student. "Academic success has been applied with increasing frequency as a catchall phrase encompassing numerous student outcomes." (York, Gibson, & Rankin, 2005) In the paragraphs to come, I will explicate the steps I plan to take to be academically effective.
Educational and Career Goals
The benefit of creating educational, or any goals, allows a person to feel complete. Most individuals, whether it be educational, professional, or personal, feel more accomplished when goals that were set have been met. Setting educational goals will allow you as student to become more organized mentally and physically when it come to your work ethic. I personally set a goal for myself to remain focused and stay 1- step ahead during my time as a student at the University of Phoenix. With me being a full-time mom/ wife, time and organization can be a huge issue but that's where setting goals can be a help to me as a student. Once I have set my goals, I can become more aware of the time spent on my personal life by sticking to the goals I have implemented for myself. As a young adult, mom, and wife, it can become rather difficult when it comes to staying on top of my schoolwork. I plan to use the resources provided to me on setting and completing goals to accomplish success as a student.
The Writing Process
The wiring process can help me advance my education and career because it allows me to develop the skills oi need to possess to write a successful paper. Things like grammar, punctuation, and writing style has a huge effect on how a paper is perceived and graded. The writing process prepares me for my future especially for the career that I have chosen to pursue. Writing skills are vital in both my academic and professional life. Learning the proper way to implement the printing process will be a huge help in my future academically and professionally. During my academic career, I will encounter many things such as research papers and scholarship essays, that will require me to put what I have learned about the writing process to the test. Knowing the writing process is a huge part of my advancing during my days as a student of the University of Phoenix.
Ethical Lens

"We conduct the study, to our knowledge, of how mental health predicts academic success during college in a random longitudinal sample of students." (Eisenburg, 2009) During your academic years there are no sure ways to prepare you for what obstacles you may endure during your professional career. The UOP has many resources that help you become the best you can be both academically and professionally. During my time in this course I encountered several things that I found useful but the ethical lens inventory was the most useful. The ethical lens inventory put you in certain real-life predicaments that can influence your success as a student. For example, I was put in a group with other students where I was the leader and had to establish the appropriate way to deal with things like plagiarism, lethargy, and insubordination. The assessment allowed me to determine what I would if put in those situations and the actual proper way to handle such things. I felt that this was the most useful resources because of my career chose in the medical, where I will constantly be part of a team.
Critical Thinking Skills
"Critical thinking skills are extremely important in developing a successful career." (Tilus, 2012) My triumph as a student and in my future career is determined by my method of thinking. During my time in this course, I have developed the skills to become an avid critical thinker. Critical thinking is crucial to successful academic years and an even more successful career. I grasped that critical thinking is part of growth and growth determines the amount of