Brionne Hebert
Ms. McBride
English 102 H1
20 April 2015

Controversial Issues In Relation to Teenage Plastic Surgery
In 21st Century America, beauty is the leading desire that drive people towards their actions. Teenagers who are bullied because of the way they look are determined to change their appearance. Teens are changing their appearances by going through plastic surgical procedures such as facial lifts and breast augmentation. The main reason teens are getting plastic surgery is because they are being bullied on an everyday basis. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that surgeons found sixty-nine percent of teens undergoing plastic surgery as a result of being bullied. Being that teens between the ages of thirteen and eighteen are undertaking plastic surgery as a result of being bullied, controversial issues arise in the medical field. Plastic surgery creates controversy in the medical field when teens are involved because despite the good intentions of doctors who perform plastic surgery on teens, the long-lasting effects of the surgery outway the immediate positive benefits.
Plastic surgery on teens can cause serious physical ailments being that their bodies are still developing in the maturation stage. Most teens who are getting facial lifts and breast augmentations are being diagnosed with infections and serious illnesses. According to the AMA Journal of Ethics, Zuckerman states, "Studies by implant manufacturers report that most women have at least one serious complication within the first three years, including infection, hematomas and seromas, capsular contracture (a sometimes painful hardening of the breasts), loss of nipple sensation, and hypertrophic scarring." With reference to Zuckerman statement, teens that are receiving facial lifts and breast augmentation have a higher chance of being infected being that their bodies are in the process of maturing. For example, when teenagers undergo plastic surgery, their bodies are not use to the different chemicals that it is receiving. Because of this, their body has to get use to these chemicals which can result in slow maturation and cause infections. When teens obtain face lifts, their facial features will begin to change resulting in excess skin and muscle. As they get older and start to progress through their adulthood stages, their face will droop and start to develop excessive wrinkles. As for breast implants, teens will acquire repeated surgeries throughout their lifetime being that breast implants only last for ten years. If a teen undergo breast augmentation, they would have to go through a different mammogram protocol since the implants can cause obscure lumps and tumors. It will also increase the chances of insufficient lactation when they try to breast-feed. For instance, in the article “Teen Plastic Surgery Remains Controversial Issue”, Uchida states, “Nineteen-year-old college student Tracy Karp has had breast implants for nearly two years and they were her high school graduation gift from her parents. She went from an AA to a C cup.” In regards to Uchida statement, Tracy Karp would now encounter serious conditions when she gets ready to breast feed because she got breast implants at a young age resulting in low lactation levels. Even though teenage plastic surgery causes physical ailments, it can also cause teens to have emotional breakdowns.
When bullied teens undergo plastic surgery, it tends to generate uncontrollable emotions that they are not able to cope with. Most teens who have had plastic surgery are pleased with their appearance until they get older. According to the journal article, “Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery: Focus on Breast Augmentation and Liposuction”, Zuckerman and Abraham states, “Self-esteem and self-worth also develop early, and can either be stable traits or states that are subject to change over time.” In reference to Zuckerman and Abraham statement, bullied teens who have plastic surgery because they are being teased by the way they look, are having emotional breakdowns. Study suggests that self-worth tends to vary over time for students whose self-esteem is depended on the opinions of others, whereas those whose feelings are depended on self-approval tend have a more constant sense of self-esteem. By teens having plastic surgery as a result of being bullied, they start to develop high self-esteem because they are now confident with their appearance. Once a teen have plastic surgery, they start to liberate the emotions that has been weighing them down. Most teens, however, go through