Corporate Social Responsibility for Sandwich Blitz, in this current situation, requires doing business with a clear set of ethical principles to guide the best interests of the company. Companies must be able to operate with a universal set of ethical standards, which means having policy that all employees understand and agree with. The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility gives a framework to managers to develop organizational strategies for ethics (Bateman, 2013).
Dalman and Lei have the first responsibility to protect their profitability, which is the foundation of a business (Bateman, 2013). If customers are not comfortable and safe at the establishment the will take their business elsewhere and no more economic stability. Without a healthy economic climate the store cannot sustain itself and pay its employees.
The next responsibility that Dalman and Lei must address are the legal responsibilities (Bateman, 2013). With crime rising and even effecting the facility twice, there is a high risk for legal repercussions. If a customer or employee get hurt or something worse, Dalman and Lei will be sued and could lose more than just one store in their chain.
Although economic and legal responsibilities are comprised of ethics, the third responsibility is Ethical in a much more personal sense. Ethical responsibility directly effects customers, employees and the community (Bateman, 2013). Ethical responsibility goes further than legal ethics, this is the step on the pyramid where the personal safety of people becomes important.
The last stage is Philanthropic Responsibilities and this is where Dalman and Lei are accountable to the community at large. Communities expect companies to share funding, facilities, and time for humanitarian efforts. Although this step is considered voluntary, there is an expectation that companies provide for the community that they serve (Bateman, 2013).
In Dalman and Lei\'s current situation, I believe they can meet all four of the responsibilities by installing security cameras or hire a security guard to deter criminal activities. This would benefit the customers, the employees as well as help re-establish control in the eyes of the community. As far as the greatest good, I believe that making their establishment safer would also create a safer environment for surrounding businesses.
However, the principle of kyosei takes precedence. Kyosei is working together for the common good (Bateman, 2013). With this in mind, there may be initiatives they can work with to unite the community so that the store is less of a target. Perhaps offering lower priced menu items or having promotional events that appeal to the new residents in the area could give potential perpetrators a ‘liking\' for the company. Another possibility to connect with the community is to spend a little money to give aid to the struggling people in the area.
With all that said, Dalman and Lei have obligations to uphold high standards of moral philosophy in their business and ultimately, deciding what is right and wrong should come down to what is going to be the safest condition for customers and employees (Bateman, 2013). That may mean that this location need to close their doors to business.

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