People can never imagine what will happen to themselves if they don't have any preparation for an event. When I was in high school, one of my best friend got pregnant by an accident. Her parents was very strict and religious and they won't accept their daughter being pregnant and having a baby. However, my friend wants to keep the baby, but she was suffering from kidney failure for a long time, and she didn't want to break relationship with her parents. What should she do instead? Should she keep the baby, or having an abortion? Some people argue that she should abort the baby because it's not inherently wrong to kill the fetus through liberal position. And she was only a teenager. She didn't have any knowledge and ability to raise a baby. She didn't even have any financial resources to support a child. From pro-choice point of view, she should abort the baby because a fetus or embryo is not considered as a living being and abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, not the baby. It means that abortion is not a killing.. According to Judith Thomson, on her violin player theory, she states that violinist has no rights to one's body if he/she threats one's body health. Applying her theory to this case, the mother has history of kidney disease which means if she keeps the baby, her personal life will be in danger.
  On the contrast, I strongly believe that the mom should continue her pregnancy because she has the rights to make her own decisions. Also, pro-life asserts that abortion involves in killing human beings, and a fetus is a human bing. Therefore, it is always morally wrong to end the life of a fetus. In addition, personhood begins at conception. It means that abortion is an immoral killing. Since a fetus is regarded as a human being, so abortion is wrong because it results in the loss of a future of value through Don Marquis' future argument. According to Marquis, abortion is always wrong because it is a killing. It is an intention way to end a person's life. And a fetus itself has a future like us. They also have future value like us. It is wrong to end one's life that has future values.
  To conclude, the mother should not do the abortion the her baby because a fetus is a human being. It¨s always wrong to kill a human being. Also, a fetus has future value like us. We should never ever end a human¨s life that has future value.