Damian Russell
African Diaspora
8 January 2015
500 Years Later
Slavery has and always will be a hard thing for African Americans to forget. People like to throw out the fact that slavery happened a long time ago and it should be forgotten. No one can ever understand what slavery has done to those who were once slaves. The worst part about slavery was the separation of families. Black Americans have no way to draw a family history or bloodline. W e have no way of knowing who our true relatives are in America or Africa. Black American s have relatives they never knew about. After the end of slavery the families' that were separated have no clue who they are or where they came from. Families' members go decades without knowing who they came from, or who they are related to. The descendants of slaves were damaged severely when children were taken from their mothers. And still today these effects are still felt in the everyday home of black people. Because slaves were taken away from their homes, they lost all connections to their families. Even today we have people who wonder around not knowing who they are or where they belong. Because of slavery families that were once bonded are separated never to see one another again. This is the main and everlasting impact slavery has had on the black community. In today's society one cannot honestly say they know who they are or where they came from, because slavery caused them and their descents to lose their sense of home.
The most urgent problem African Americans face today is their sense of self love. For centuries they have let the white man put them down and make them feel worthless. Because of hateful words black people have not been able to rise above what others think, because they are so caught up on what society feels they are. Our most urgent problem is our love and confidence in ourselves. Once a white man says we are nothing we become nothing. In order to succeed and prosper in life we have to become confident in our own decisions, and not have to depend on the white man for help. Once we learn to love and trust in ourselves and our own abilities we will be able to succeed and own our own businesses. We will be able to become the strong black African Americans I know we were meant to be.
In order to solve these problems we have to start to become one. Our sense of family has ended ever since slavery started. After being separated so long we have lost the connection we have towards our families. In order to solve this problem we have to start loving one another and being one and completing our once broken families. In order for African Americans to love themselves they have to believe they are higher than life. They have to start believing in what they can do and know that they are intelligent. They have to stop believing what society says they are and make a name for themselves.