It is possible to be addicted to many different things, gambling and plastic surgery are just two examples that are similar. Addictions can cause self-destruction, lives are ruined, not only the individual with the problem, but loved ones of the afflicted experience the consequences and pain of caring for someone with an addiction. These addictions are not thought of as often as traditional drug addictions, but the consequences of these addictions can be far more devastating than traditional addictions. Gambling and plastic surgery addictions have many similarities, they both are psychological addictions, embarrassing, and financially devastating.
Compulsive gambling is a psychological addiction. It has been around as long as gambling has been. It may not be immediately noticeable to loved ones or the individual with the addiction as there are not physical symptoms. All the gambler really knows is the feeling of pleasure they experience when gambling. Like gambling, plastic surgery addiction is psychological. The effects of a plastic surgery addiction can cause many frightening physical characteristics. The person affected does not see the monster they are creating by the excessive surgery, the vision they have of themselves is distorted from reality due to the addiction. Being as they are both psychological addictions, many people do not give them the same understanding as a traditional physical addiction, like in the case of drugs or alcohol.
Both of these addictions can be embarrassing for the individual and loved ones of the individual affected by addiction. Gambling can cause one to lie, steal, and cheat to get what they want. They may give up all the material goods they own so they can catch that lucky streak they have long deserved, never realizing the system is set up for them to lose. The embarrassment of plastic surgery addiction is more obvious to society. The individual will eventually look frightening. They may not be able to move parts of their face, may look like a cartoon, or even what society may identify as a monster. Both of these addictions result in embarrassing consequences. Unfortunately, this is often the reason people do not seek treatment. The stigma of these addictions cause individuals to hide their addiction or deny they have a problem.
The financial devastation of gambling is phenomenal. It is, for the average person, who is not addicted, expensive. The negative effects of gambling addiction losses are ongoing, ultimately jeopardizing a person?s credit history, education, career, family, and life. The extent of debt and the financial devastation stemming from a gambling problem is typically one that has both short-term and lifelong impacts. Plastic surgery is expensive. Surgeries range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per procedure. Like gambling addiction, the financial devastation of plastic surgery addiction is short-term as well as lifelong. The debt accrued from these procedures are typically not covered by insurance and are either charged to one\'s credit or the individual has made a great personal sacrifice such as their vehicle or home. Both of these addictions are some of the most expensive addictions people can have.
Gambling and plastic surgery addictions are real. Psychological addictions are serious, they are just as devastating and dangerous as a traditional physical addiction. It is unfortunate that the stigmata of such mental health issues keeps individuals from seeking treatment. Society
as a whole should understand that all humans are pleasure seekers and anyone could find themselves on an unexpected path of destruction in the right circumstances.