Defending the arts

In my local visit to a local museum and piece of art that I would like to discuss is “The last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. The last supper is on the most appreciated paintings throughout the world. The color of the painting was given more light than darker colors which makes the painting quite more memorable. All of the disciples in the painting are wearing blue, including Jesus Christ. Also they added a little a bit of Reddish orange to distinguish the apostles from Jesus Christ. You can also see they all were sitting at a table with and all white cloth which brings a more cleanliness and moderate look. Lastly the color can also help you see the aspect of the outside world through the borders of the window.
The viewer looking at this painting can see several of designs. For, example you can tell right away that Jesus is made to be the center of attention for this painting. They have very different movements created by all of the apostles by their different face and positions to show Jesus as the focal point. The painting is very balanced because if they were to close the picture with Jesus sitting in the middle it would fit greatly. The Rhythm and movement including in this painting could also be looked at as bizarre. The swirling movements throughout the paintings are confusing by two different aspects, it composes of whirls and zig zags swaying with all of the humans different figures. The Rhythm in this structure painting swerves backward and fourth into a third dimension into the table again. In da Vinci’s paining he mainly tried to incorporate all geometric shapes, even to represent all of the doors, windows in the painting as well. The painting also uses a variety of lines as well, in the borders to create the table and the white cover.
The overall intellectual effect the artwork had on me was very positive. It showed a great view of Christians in the modern days. The emotions that I felt as looking at this painting were between happy and sad. It was happy because I could see how Jesus and his apostles greatly impacted the view people have on Christians today. It also was a sad emotion because it was called the last supper for a typical reason. We will probably never see a great picture like this again throughout the world. The experience made me think of the last supper I had with all of my family together including my, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. The view of that picture could mean a lot for one person.
How, I would want to include the arts apart of the community is have more art shows including all of the famous painting. If more people could really stop and look view different aspects of painting more people would be interested. Yes there is a variety of things I can do to make this possible is by having a free art show at least once a week. Most people think art is boring so they won’t waist their money on and art gallery or museum but if it’s free more people will show up. I will support the arts in the future by going seeing my performances or visiting and art gallery every few months.
Arts add value in our life because each art painted has a meaning or story behind it. Engaging with art, viewing or participating in and art event can help you become patient and a very thoughtful kind of person. It allows you to have different perspectives on things and recognize your differences with others as well. You also find your creative and unique side in art and the beauty of looking at art as well. You can share small details that and another viewer may not be able to see and it builds and perspective as well.
To conclude, arts are a way to express our feelings that words just cannot convey to us or another viewer. Arts expand your way of knowing and bringing creativity to one’s mind. Also arts helps integrate learning and helps us discover the different aspect of things. Arts is not just inside of a painting or sculpture but can be embraced throughout