Desirae Psychological Disorder- is a psychological condition that varies from the norm, is usually maladaptive, and may cause personal distress. It is also any behavior or mental process that causes a person to suffer or worry or produce harm to his or her social or work life.

Abnormal Behavior- Behavior that deviates from what is commonly accepted by a group or society. It includes any activity judged to be outside the normal behavior pattern for animals of that particular class and age, including the vices, the fixed patterns of abnormality.
Depression- A mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.
Angry outbursts
Trouble concentrating
Trouble making decisions
Trouble remembering
Thoughts of harming your self
Delusions and/or hallucinations can also occur in cases of severe depression
Withdrawing from people
Substance abuse
Missing work, school or other commitments
Attempts to harm yourself
Physical problems:
Tiredness or lack of energy
Unexplained aches and pains
Changes in appetite
Weight loss
Weight gain
Changes in sleep sleeping too little or too much
Sexual problems

Pro-Taking antidepressants helps to balance neurochemistry and allows the mood centers in the brain to function optimally. After the drugs reach the correct level in the body, patients often experience improved mood, improved levels of functioning and a reduction in the number of physical symptoms such as fatigue and pain that they experience.

Cons- Many antidepressant medications have unpleasant side effects--such as weight gain, sexual side effects, sedation or an increase in suicidal thoughts.

Pro- Few side effects, important for people that take several different medications so there is no reactions.
Cons-Takes longer to produce benefit that are noticeable. Not effective in people with severe depression.