Owen Napolitano
My Name is Owen Napolitano and I am a freshman. I attend Oakmont Regional High School, in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Oakmont is a comprehensive school that goes from grade 9 to 12. Oakmont has a wide variety of classes offered, from math/English to classes like Design Tech and Graphic Design. This class is called Design Tech, which is the 1st class of a 3-course sequence. My teacher is Mr.Lantry, he has been teaching this class for so long! For this project we started out by bringing in a 2-liter soda bottle and we worked in teams to plot the bottle so we could draw it. The group I worked with to plot the bottle was Justin Latour and Connor Mcbride. The rest of the project we worked individually. At the beginning of this project I thought it sounded really interesting and I thought it would be a lot of fun, but I also thought it was going to be very challenging because Iím not good at building and constructing things.

Identify Project or Problem
This project was introduced to me by the teach Mr.Lantry. He stood up in front of the class and explained how this project would go and what we would need to bring in. The whole year leading up to making this rocket we had to do drawings which were very hard and time consuming but the whole time Mr.Lantry would always say once we finish these we will be making bottle rockets and having that on the top of our head helped a lot. This project was that we had to make a bottle rocket that could fly, and that we had to use drawing instruments to plot it out.

Above is Justin, Connor and My bottle we plotted.
Create & Design Brief
The problem that we have to resolve is to build a rocket out of a soda bottle. We could use any metal or add to the power vessel. We were under pressure to get this project done we had about a week to do all the plotting and drawings. We had 4 days to build our bottle rockets and we had to get them done on time so we could fly on the only day our class was flying the rockets. Mr.Lantry was after school everyday for kids so if they felt they needed to get more done so they are not getting behind all the other students. The main thing about the rocket was that when we built it we had to make sure that when it hit its highest point in hair it came down nose cone first. We could use all the power tools we needed! We had unlimited material! We could however much cardstock and nose cone material we needed. Mr.Lantry even gave us the opportunity to use more than one bottle to make our rocket. We needed our rocket to function if we wanted it too be one of the best in the class.
Research and Investigation
My teacher gave us lessons on what people have done in the past to have a successful bottle rocket. The main thing he said was to make sure theyíre no flaps of tape or holes that would slow it down and to have a pointy nose cone so it shoots through the air faster. For my research I mainly just looked up pictures on Google of bottle rockets so I could see what other people have done. I also went on you-tube so I could see bottle rockets flying to see how they get up and into the air! Some sites I used were 30 Tips to get your water rocket to fly higher and http://www.water-rockets.com. Attached is a picture of a rocket I found online that had a huge influence on my design.

Generating Alternate Solutions
Some ideas I came up with to solve the problem were to use a nose cone for aerodynamic effect. I came up with many different designs for my wings and nose cones that I had to choose from. I sorted them out by what I thought would work best and thatís how I picked my design. I designed all my wings and about half of my nose cones were designed by me the rest I found online. The power