Diet Soda Advantage or Disadvantage?

Drinkers of diet soda will defend their choice of soft drink to the ends of the earth. What are some of the advantages of drinking diet soda? Or maybe the better question to ask; are there advantages to drinking diet soda? What exactly is the truth about diet soda? In this essay it will be clear what the advantages and disadvantages of drinking diet soda are.
According to the Truth about Diet Soda there is only one advantage of drinking diet soda which is if you are looking for consuming fewer calories then you have made the right choice as diet soda doesn?t have any calories (Burling). However also according to Burling there are more disadvantages of drinking diet soda with one of them being; diet soda lacks nutrients to help your body stay healthy. Other than sodium, diet soda contains nothing of substance for your body. Contrast that with calcium-fortified orange juice, which contains not only calcium but also nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, folie acid, thiamine, and potassium (Burling). While drinking diet soda can give the person the sense they are doing something healthy it can be really misleading. Without realizing it, the drinker is not getting any nutrients in their body, only the satisfaction they are not consuming any calories.
Diet soda pop is marketed to the general public as something good for you, especially if you are on a diet. What the diet soda companies don?t tell you is that you could actually be harming your body and also that diet soda can also add to weight gain. Consuming too much diet soda is not healthy for your body. According to ?Should You Ditch the Diet Soda?? there is a 61% higher risk of heart attack or stroke for those who drink diet soda every day. There is also 37.5% risk of obesity from half to one can daily of diet soda. 65% more likelihood of becoming overweight in the next 7-8 years for each diet soft drink per day ( Damayanti). This is alarming research for those who drink diet soda on a daily basis.
The diet soda companies do not disclose all the information about the diet soda and the effects it may or may not have on your body. The ingredients are listed but not the effects it can have on your body long term. With research showing alarmingly high numbers for increased chances of vascular problems and weight gain one would think this information should be made available for the general public.

In conclusion there seems to be a strong disadvantage to drinking diet soda or at least drinking it on a daily basis. Diet soda will continue to be popular among dieters and understandably so if the only thing one is worried about is calorie consumption. However if you are looking to diet soda as means to help with weight loss and be more healthy the suggestion would be to look for another avenue.

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