Don't Bash It ‘til You Try It
I am truly blessed and thankful that I took Ms. Guths' class and all she did for me in the class. Once I found out I had her class I asked around about who she was and I received very negative feedback and that I shouldn't take her class, but it was all false. Ms. Guth was a woman of her word, a woman who cared for what she woke up every single day at six AM to do. What did she do? She came to Sandalwood High School every day prepared and determined to make her students better readers and to help them graduate and get to college. If I had to name someone who taught me how to read and write, it would be her. She changed the game.
One of the most important things she did for me was help me increase my American College Testing (ACT) reading and writing score. This was very significant to me because without this I would no t be where I am now . I would no t be attending a four-year university, playing Division I football, and getting my degree in criminal justice all for free. I can still see , in my head , that erasable marker calendar and seeing ACT practice on the board knowing I was blessed when I saw "day off ". We would practice our timing on reading the stories and answer question s that we know for sure we would get right trying to get that magic number that would guarantee us the passing score. Of course, we had to lie some days for the confidence of ourselves and for her to think we did good. Some days of she taught us techniques of how to read the passages. For example, we used to know which story would be our favorite kind because we learned that the stories were different subjects and that we tend to do better on one of the subjects , so we would read that one first and then the rest. We also learned about the small simple stuff we were not reading in passages that would get us that extra one to two more questions correct. We would even have strategies on how we were going to read and what we should look for because they have favorite information they always like to question you on. We even learned how to read the passages without having to read the entire passage, because if you do you will run out of time and will not get a chance to answer questions.
I always despised reading since I was born. I just would no t do it ; I would find another way to read books without having to read it because I felt like I read to o slow and it would take me to o long to finish the book. Also, I would read books and passages and still get questions wrong. Ms. Guth knew of these reasons why people did no t like to read , and she knew that we would instantly reject reading books. Her answer to this was group readings. We were put into groups around the same level of readings , and we would read the books on our own. To show we read our books , she would make us stand up in front of the class and ask us questions about the book. We would have to give a summary without spoiling the book so other people could still read it. This was effective because every book we could choose from she has read multiple times and reading was a big percentage pf our grades. We even would do whole readings in class , and it would be books that were like plays and could be acted and had multiple characters. Every day we would pick characters to read for. My favorite was Othello ; everyone was so into it , we read the parts with enthusiasm and emotion. We never wanted to put the book down , and this really helped us to w ant to read more and improve our readings. Another w ay