The President of the United States is someone who is elected and holds the office of head of state for the United States government. This person must have various certifications that will qualify them to be an admirable leader who will make exceptional decisions for the best of the country. A real estate developer and reality television star who decides to run for the primary Republican election does not seem to have the typical qualifications, and fit the role of President of the United States; this person is Donald Trump.
Trump announced that he may be running for the Republican bid, for the Presidential election in 2012. Trump would be representing pro-life and be against gun control. He vows to end the national health care law, but create one that would benefit working citizens and to not raise taxes higher. He feels that our country is still in a bad state and that our current president, Barrack Obama, did not do justice for our country: he feels he is the answer to the issues that have gone unsolved by Obama.
Trump feels that he is qualified to be President for many reasons. ?Donald Trump plunged into Republican politics today, telling an enthusiastic crowd that if he runs for the White House -- and wins -- that "America will be respected again."?(Gomez, Alan) Trump feels that if he were elected, America will become the place that it used to be; a world superpower that has the best of everything. Trump believes that China is an enemy to the United States and they need to be stopped from taking over our country. He believes that we need to boycott or impose higher taxes on Chinese items to stop their influence from becoming too strong on Americans. Trump also feels we need to ?replace U.S. diplomats with "business leaders" -- the "killers" on Wall Street? (Diemer, Tom) He feels that these people must be replaced in order to keep the companies in their place and be able to check on them from making their own decisions that hurt our economy such as gasoline prices.
?Donald Trump is mulling a presidential bid and says he'd be willing to spend $600 million of his own money to make it happen.?(Banfield, Ashleigh) However, Trump does not realize there are much higher qualifications than just having money. Trump is a very successful real estate agent, and has gained popularity through this field. This has led him to becoming a reality star through his hit show ?The Apprentice.? Trump is willing to spend as much money as he needs, in order for him to get the position. He feels that he is a very successful person and can teach many Americans how to follow the steps he has taken to be where he is. His perception of his popularity from his show, and believing that he can get the bid because of his money, is way off. He needs to realize that there are many more things than money that our country needs help with, and his ways of becoming economically successful may not work for a nation.
What qualifications does Trump hold? He holds a degree in economics with a minor in finance from the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania. He had no further education, where as many other presidents went on furthering their education to much higher levels. He has no foundation for being the leader of a country. His background does not prove to be that of someone?s that has experience in order to become president. He has no practice with making world impacting decisions or been in situations that affected millions of people.
Donald Trump running for President has caused a great amount of controversy in the U.S. Many feel that he is running to get the paparazzi and become more popular just because he has the money to do it. He could be taking advantage of this opportunity as a business venture. ?More than 6 in 10 registered voters say they would definitely not vote for Trump for president.? (Krasny, Ros). With more than half of registered voters against Trump running, he still stands confident that he is able to win, and successfully bring this nation back to what it used to be.
It is sad that Trump tries to bash other people to make himself look better.