you know that DQ8 is one of the two major genes which may lead to celiac disease. You may also know that celiac disease is often associated with various other autoimmune diseases. What you may not know is that DQ8 may be the direct cause of these other autoimmune diseases, for these autoimmune diseases are found in increased incidence not just in celiac disease, but also with DQ8 itself.

What follows is a list I have compiled showing the various diseases that are found in increased frequency among people who have the DQ8 gene (DQB1*0302). I will show the reference number next to each, and the corresponding references will appear below:

Celiac disease (1)
Scleroderma (2)
Rheumatoid arthritis (1)
Autoimmune thyroiditis (3)
Pemphigus (4)
Lupus (6)
Pemphigoid (5)
Focal myositis (7)
Multiple sclerosis (8)
Myasthenia gravis (1)
Insulin dependant latent autoimmune diabetes of adults and adult Type 1 diabetes (9)
Type 1 juvenile diabetes (1)
Sjogren??s syndrome (10)
Addisons??s disease (11)
Complex regional pain syndrome with dystonia (12)
Latex allergy (13)

This list is not intended to be exhaustive. It is a starter list. Hopefully more research will be done on these, including carefully controlled research as to whether gluten plays any role in triggering these other autoimmune diseases even in the absence of gluten blood antibodies or positive duodenal biopsies. I, for one have DQ8 and numerous of these autoimmune diseases, even though my gluten blood antibodies and duodenal biopsies are negative. We who have this gene need to know for certain #1 whether a gluten free diet will help prevent the triggering of these other various autoimmune diseases, and #2 whether a gluten-free diet will help mitigate autoimmune symptoms that have already developed. I feel no better on the gluten-free diet than before I started it a year and a half ago. However, if I had not been on the diet, perhaps I would be feeling even worse now. Only controlled research will give us the answer.