Week 3
P/4 S/3

When it is examined from economy Turkey is regarded as one of the developing countries around the world.By looking last ten years it can be said that there are some enterprises to develop economy.At the begining of the year 2001 a crisis broke out because of some substructural deficiency.After the crisis the government made some economy programs.With this way they not only aim to compansate the crisis but also aim to take precoutions for the probable crisis.When we look the economical development in ten years it can be seen that there have became some changing in many areas especially in the private sector.But the main problem is that how much this changings influence the living conditions of people.In my opinion if we want to say Turkey`s economy is developed, the people living in it must be happy.In Turkey living conditions of people haven`t became good enough to make people happier.After all it can be said that in the last ten years Turkey`s economy has developed but it hasn`t achieved to make people happier than they used to be ten years ago.