Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe Overview On January 19, 1809, in Boston Massachusetts one of the world?s most distinguished writers was born. This writer?s name was Edgar Allan Poe, he was born the son of an actress and an actor . At the age of three, Poe?s mother gave him up to a prosperous merchant by the name of John Allan who took care of him until he began running into gambling problems at the school which he attended in Virginia. He only attended for one year due to these troubles. Poe than began to continue his studies in England and began to write. After Poe had finished his studies in England he came back to the States to enlist in the army. There he wrote and published his first book called Tamerlane and Other Poems at his own expense. After Poe?s leaving the army, with the help of John Allan and his fellow cadets he wrote his second book. In 1837, Poe went to New York in search of work and this is where he not only marries his cousin Virginia, but is also the place in time when his writing courier really launches. In 1847 Poes? life becomes a disaster due to the death of his beloved wife, Virginia. Poe become absent minded and began drinking heavily. Edgar Allen Poe?s life experiences, particularly his repeated substance abuse and the loss of the women he loved, are evident in the stories that he wrote. Edgar Allan Poe Pg.1 On January 29, 1845, Poe?s most mystifying poem appeared, The Raven. This was a story that Poe wrote that helped us understand his feelings that were felt due to the loss of his wife(Double Day & Company). The words used to describe the raven in the story make the raven up to be death coming for him. The words such as "so faintly you cam tapping, tapping at my chamber door" show how the raven resembled death which took his wife away and will soon take him. Poe also described his heart ache by describing the ravens eyes as burning through his chest. Alcohol and drugs played a key role in the deep dark setting of this story. Also Poe had a fixation with the name Lanoro but nobody ever found out who she was, but men believe that it was Poe?s secret lover after the death of his wife. In the poem Spirits Of The Dead Poe expresses his deepest feelings about his wife and the sense of loneliness he felt. In this poem the words "Thy soul shall find itself alone `Mid dark thoughts of the gray tomb-stone" shows how Poe feels his soul is lost and alone and the only thoughts he has is of his wife?s grave( Doubleday & Company). Poe also says that at times it seems like he can see the soul of his wife but when he gets close it disappears into thin air. This poem is as expressful as the poem Evening Star which talks about Poe seeing his wife?s face in the heavens passing stars. Most of people believe that what Poe writes is just a collection of hallucinations and dreams. The reason that a lot of Poe?s work is related to the death of his wife is because his marriage to her was one of the major high points of his life. In the poem To - - it seems that Poes peaks of the beauty of a bride on her wedding day and how she was so beautiful that it hurt her groom, these were feelings he felt on his wedding day. Pg. 2 The famous story The Black Cat ,Poe once again shows part of his many sides. In the story it talks about a man who is sick minded and is an alcoholic and take his frustration of the world out on his cat. The way that Poe is involved in this story is that he to was an alcoholic. Poe had allot of problems due to his drinking, he had lost jobs and lost friends and family members because of it. Although Poe didn?t have any pets, he did had allot of frustrations built up in him and had a deep dark soul and used this brutal way of writing as a way of relieving some anger without putting anyone in harms way. Although Poe is known