Education in the 21st Century
You must go to at least a four year college and you must have a degree. That is what I believe to be the 21st centuryís idea of what an education is. In order to get a job and survive into todayís society, a college degree is necessary. It doesnít matter if you have experience because if you donít have a degree, it is unlikely you will get the job. Even though I disagree with the 21st centuryís idea of education because I believe you can learn even if you donít go to college, you canít live in todayís world without a college education. I believe people can learn anywhere, but most people in the 21st century think learning must take place at college.
People can learn about something and gain knowledge anywhere. Every day people learn at least one new thing, maybe without even realizing it. People donít always have to attend a college to become skilled or knowledgeable. Many students attend trade school to become knowledgeable about one particular trade. In that trade, they learn how to excel, all without attending a college. Some people take on family business without attending a college. They grew up in that business and are knowledgeable about every aspect of that business. People can indeed learn without attending a college. I work on a farm stand that has been passed down through the family. The owners go to trade schools to learn about business and what they can do to better theyíre business. Yet none of them haveďtrueĒ college degrees.
Yet in todayís world, more and more people believe being educated means having a college degree. Most jobs now require that the applicant have a college degree or they will be automatically denied. Employers want to know that their workers are definitely qualified to do the job right. Employers want to know that their workers definitely took the time to learn about their particular field of work and are well educated and knowledgeable in that particular field. My cousin is a very talented engineer. He went to a tech school after high school and now knows everything about cars and has tons of experience. He applied for a job at a car shop and didnít receive it because an engineer that had no experience, but a college degree, received the job.
Lots of people in the 21st century believe college creates a better-rounded individual. I believe that college does create a well-rounded individual, but that a well-rounded individual is not only created in college. In college, there are so many options and fields to explore. Students take classes they are majoring in, but they are also required to take a year of basic classes like english, math, and history even if they arenít majoring in them. Going to college allows students to learn an extensive amount of information about their major and also broaden their knowledge in areas that the students are not majoring in. College degrees are important in the 21st century because it is proof of knowledge.
College should play a role in moral and ethical education. College should widen our knowledge about what is happening in the world. It should teach us how to become involved and make a difference in a positive way. We will learn how to interact with others and spread out our ideas into the world.
Learning should be able to take place everywhere. Knowledge can come from anywhere. In todayís world college degrees are necessary for most jobs. Employers want employees that are well-rounded and smart. Yet, in order to gain knowledge, going to college is not always necessary. Information can be learned anywhere, you just have to keep your ears open.