Effects of Mass Media Paper
Dante Dumas
November 10, 2015
Dr. Rose Safir

You do not have to do research to know that the first thing most people do (and I am guilty of this as well) when they wake up is check their cell phone. Our cell phones and technological devices have taken over our lives, looking for things in the media to form opinions and solutions to help shape our lives. People utilize media as a guide in deciding views on policies, and even places to go on vacation or what places to avoid. Mass media has made tremendous changes over the years, some bad some good, helping to sculpt American culture. In this paper will be good information on changes and developments in the mass media over the years, how the developments affect American culture, how media convergence and media literacy affects our lives.
What were the major developments in Mass Media over the last century?
In the early 1900ís up until 1940 the main source of media for most if not all Americans were magazines and newspapers. When 1940 came around, the radio became the "big hit" and the newest source for getting the news. The newspaper still held its own, but the radio became the most convenient way to hear the latest occurrences of the war and other news. Then the television came which was sort of like a mixture of the newspaper and radio, which the people enjoyed. After that in 1962, the satellite was launched which gave people news that was broader. Ever since then up until now, there have been leaps in technology and communication, to where people can now get the news at any time from any period of time with just a click of a button. Things are just not the same as they used to be and we are relying on technology and media for just about everything, so in order to keep up with the current times we must pay attention to the media.
How have these developments influenced American Culture?
American culture has been influenced and affected by these developments deeply in more than a few ways. The newspaper was a development that was much less controlling than other forms of media. People were able to read and form their own opinions on a subject, making a stronger argument for themselves and who they were. People did not have to look for guidance in order to process a thought and move forward. When machine printing was invented in help to boost the economy as the industry created plenty of jobs for Americans. ("Effects Of Mass Media On American Culture", 2014). When the internet came, it slowly but maturely began to put an end to the newspaper industry because it gave people the gift of instant information. Media outlets flourished after the arrival of the internet. Television and film became the entertaining way of delivering news and ideas to the world ("Effects of Mass Media on American Culture", 2014).
What i68s Media Convergence and Media Literacy and how do they affect everyday life?
Media convergence is the combination of older media in order to create a brand new form of media (Gershon, 2014). According to "What Is Media Literacy" (n.d.) Media Literacy is the ability to analyze access, evaluate and create media. If people are media literate, they can pull a message and understanding from a media source ("What Is Media Literacy", n.d.). Mostly everywhere in the U.S. includes Media Literacy in its learning agenda through the different courses. Media Convergence and Literacy play a major role in our lives indirectly by influencing media. Media then influences us, pretty much by brainwashing us with the ideas of the people who control the media, which are essentially the people who run the world. People should not let media run their lives. Instead, they should learn from it as they learn from any other life lesson (Heisler, 2013).

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