Effects of News Media

HUM/166 (BSEW1I0TY2)
August 31, 2015
University of Phoenix

Effects of News Media
There are many of ways that the media has affected the American culture. It has changed the behavior of humans in terms of information, communication and even entertainment. There was so many old ways such as newspapers, magazines, paper journals, and books. Now days people rely on media to get there news. It has made the world a smaller place to live due to ninety-four percent of communication is non-verbal while on the Internet is a great way to communicate it is hard to comprehend or understand what a person's intentions or messages are. A situation that one thinks is harmless can escalate out of control and others can misinterpret or misconstrue the message being delivered, resulting in a negative outcome. It also allows bullies to extend the limits because they could not read the suspected victims non-verbal cues and will continue to criticize innocent victims online unaware of the consequences. (http://www.antiessays.com/free-essays/How-The-Information-And-News-Media-491521.html) Letís look at some of the other ways that it as effects of media like, does the information media have social responsibilities, what is the roles of the information and news media in the shaping of political opinions, and how electronic media have and there convergence transformed journalism and news consumption.
After asking several people if they thought that media should have a social responsibility, the numbers of yesís compared to the noís is higher so, yes it should have responsibilities. So many people generally rely on the media for information for all kinds of things whether it be for politics, crimes, natural disasters, and even the news in general. And when people watch or read that stuff they are assuming that its all correct and true. If any of its not correct then so many people are left upset, some people will even be contacting public figures to change or even prevent things from happening, that they thought was a problem, but it really wasnít. For example, in the Tool Wire lab, one of the people I communicated with mentioned a law she had heard about that would raise taxes on small businesses, effectively, putting her out of business. She stated she had heard about the law online in a podcast. She planned to contact her local representatives to stop this law. Unfortunately, she had not further researched the accuracy of that pod cast and therefore the information could have likely been false. So while she and others, were contacting the representatives, filing petitions etc. Other things could have been happening that the representative should have been addressing. (http://www.termpaperwarehouse.com/essay-on/Do-Information-Media-Have-Social-Responsibility/266011) This right here is a great reason why if a source reports it, it needs to have credentials listed clearly. Just like society needs to be responsible for there doing their own research and only relying on credible sources for information.
The media can be very influential when it comes to how the public preserves politics. There are a lot of responsibilities that the media holds when putting out information. The media has a very huge impact on the minds of different individuals; which has been in the pass the reason many elections have been won. Many people question if the press and online media really have a huge impact on who we choose our elected officials? Without the media, most people would know little, if anything, about the people who run for office, much less those who are elected. So, their role is critical, because whether they mean to or not, the media ultimately shape public opinion. The media also play a part in defining the image of a candidate, a critical factor during an election. (http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/educate/election08/Media.htm)
The public more now than ever have become caught up with texting, Facebooking, and tweeting and are used to our faces stuffed inside these devices that when it comes time to intermingle with others in a public venue we are often distracted when our phone beeps, or a courtesy messaging from twitter. And while that would be fine if you were alone, people are finding themselves alone when they are with others. Some people dispute that even though you are sitting behind an electronic device, you are in some way still communicating and while this is true others find it