Effects of News Media
Samantha Ermoian
August 10, 2015
Patricia Morriss

Effects of News Media
Mass media has greatly evolved since it was first introduced, it began with the telegraph and now we have smartphones. Not only can mass media be found on phones, it can also be found on the television, radio, internet, newspapers, and magazines. With such a variety of sources that our media comes from, we can choose to believe what we hear or see. It is ultimately up to us, the consumers, to decide on whether or not to take in what we see or hear as truths or lies. I believe that mass media is indeed shaping our American values; a generation that mass media can have a positive or negative effect on is the youth. An example of a positive effect could be to have a child play the same sport as their favorite athlete. They are doing something they love that will not cause harm to them. In looking at what influences our youth, we have to consider the negative effects as well. An example of a negative effect is seeing their favorite music artist having plastic surgery. This will negatively affect the younger population because they will feel that in order to be liked by others they need to change their appearance. As well as, their confidence being affected and they will start worrying about how other people perceive them.
As a part of our American values, we all look up to someone starting from a young age. Celebrities are one of the many people we can choose to look up to because they are all over mass media that we see every day. The way they appear in media affects whether or not we choose to look up to them and deem them as \'role models\'. One of many celebrities we consider to be a good role model is Taylor Swift. She is seen as a good role model for young girls everywhere because she does things for her fans where she shows her continued loyalty to them. Taylor swift public image in the way she dresses and talks is more positive and sets a better example for young girls. Where there are some celebrities such as Miley Cyrus who have more of a negative effect on our youth. She is portrayed in the media as controversial because of the lifestyle she lives. The strong presence of social media helps to show her deviant behavior to the youth. She dresses very provocative and her lyrics are very sexually explicit for younger girls to watch causing a negative impact.
Social responsibility theory allows free press without any censorship but at the same time the content of the press should be discussed in public and media should accept any obligation from public interference or professional self-regulations. The theory lies between both authoritarian theory and libertarian theory because it gives total media freedom in one hand but the external controls in other hand. Here, the press ownership is private.  The social responsibility theory moves beyond the simple Objective reporting to Interpretative reporting.  The media can be very influential when it comes to how the public preserves politics. There are a lot of responsibilities that the media holds when putting out information. The media has a very huge impact on the minds of different individuals; which has been in the pass the reason many elections have been won.
Politics is a very sensitive issue which demands that politicians maintain a close contact with masses through messages that can persuade the electorate to get associated with them. It always seems as an easy job to convince large crowds of people but in most cases, large crowds do not translate to huge following. This is so because people may accord a politician an opportunity to talk to them though their policies may not agree well with them. Similarly, it proves harder for governments and other political institutions to release information to the public without the help of media as this can be a futile endeavor due to the fact that only few people can be reached without use of mass media. Thus, mass media plays a very important role in enhancing transmission of information across the political class as well as from the