Elizabeth Bandy
PSY/211 Essentials of Psychology
Instructor: Kristi Hendrix
March 08, 2016

I am picking Apple IPhones video clips of attractive for a demanding item. Apple\'s principle inspiration for proceeding with promotion is to pull in application distributors intrigued by extending applications for its apparatuses, as publicizing is fringe to Apple\'s industry. This commercial is reaching out to everyone who is interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs an iPhone 6S. In this video they are comparing the two different phones. They are talking about how the Samsung is lighter in weight than the iPhone and also how they both have the same size screen. I would believe that they are trying to get your motivation drive to kick in when you\'re thinking about what phone to buy. I say this because we all want the phone that is the best on the market. We all also want a light weight phone that can do about anything that will make our lives easier. I would say the commercial is drawing toward the extrinsic motivation also, because you are rewarding yourself in a less expensive phone when buying the Samsung Galaxy S7.


Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: first look | PhoneArena
February 21,2016

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Elizabeth Bandy
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BIBLIOGRAPHY Last Name, F. M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From - To.
Last Name, F. M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name.

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