English 132.18Adrian Winslow
Objective 2April 7, 2015
Definition Essay1:00pm

Date Rape

Date Rape is forced sex that occurs at a party or on a date with someone that victim may know, like or even be interested in dating. The term "date rape" comes from the Latin word rapere meaning to sieze, carry off by force, plunder. Specifically, date rape's definition various widely between males and females. Date rape is a
When asking people about what date rape means to them, their descriptions varied especially among genders. A female said that date rape means "doing anything you do not want to do with someone you know." While a male said that it is "when a girl or a guy goes out on a date and is forced to have sex." The female described the actual rape as "anything you do not want to do" whereas the male only describes the situation as a forced sexual encounter. Another key difference is that there was no gender specification is the male's definition. He used the words "girl or guy" implying that not only can females experience date rape but males can fall victim to it as well. Two different people was given the same question and the female described date rape as "when your taken advantage of by someone you just met." Nevertheless, the male describes it as "manipulation of a female or male through drug usage or force while out in a public place where alcohol is involved. The female took a broad approach to the definition and specified that a victim of date rape is raped by someone they just met. The male on the other hand was very specific in saying "manipulation" meaning that the victim is wrongly done or deceived. He also pointed out the use of drug and alcohol, implying that in order for the rape to occur the victim does have to have their judgment impaired in order to be an easy target.
Date rape in my opinion is when someone you know and or like takes you out and purposely gets you drunk or drugs you then takes advantage of your diminished capacity. Date rape for me can only occur with someone the victim knows or likes, with this method the rapist can confused the victim into thinking that they wanted that sexual encounter. This can also lead to the victim thinking were they really raped in the first place. When the rapist has the victim confused like this, the crime will eventually go unreported because of the victim's way of thinking. Date rape does not have to involve drugs or alcohol either, the person's ability to persuade the victim to have sex with them is just as lethal. This method of persuasion makes the victim to think that because they went forward with the sexual action means that they wanted it just as much as the rapist themselves which is not the case at all. Not using any form of drug or alcohol but being able to coerce a person into doing something they didn't want to do is just another form of date rape. Date rape is an event that changes people's lives but what many fail to realize is what date rape is not in the predator's aspect.
Date rape as far as the rapist is concerned is not consensual sex. Many rapist think that when a person is drunk or does not have the ability to say no that means an automatic approval and that is not true. Whenever a victim is passed out or even asleep and does not know what is happening the consensual aspect is no longer there and the term is not sex but rape. Rapists think that impaired judgement is the best method of being able to receive a sexual encounter with the victim but it is not. The physical and emotional judgment set forth by a person is very important, this can mean the difference between sex and rape. Some people think that because there was not any form of drug usage involved that the rape never occurred. This example is not accurate, whenever a person has to talk another person into doing a sexual encounter it's still a form of