English Final

Effects of Nature and Pets on Our Physical and Emotional Health

During the span of our lives we can go through a roller coaster ride of emotions. Nature and pets I believe give us positive effects on our outlook on life. By being surrounded by nature it gives us a sense of comfort and somehow remind us to be at peace. This is almost the same with pets. Some pets are used as comfort animals such as dogs and cats. Many people choose either one or both of these to show them comfort.

Nature is a beautiful thing, the powers it has to compel our moods and actions. Nature also has the ability to choose whether or not we recover faster or slower from an illness. In a Pennsylvania hospital there were two types of rooms, ones with windows and ones without.In the early 1980ís a researcher visited the hospital and collected informatio that had undergone gallblader surgery. Gallbladder surgery usually takes about a week in the hospital to recover from. Some patients took less than or more time to recover. The cause of this was the room environment they were placed into. Patients who were happier and recovered quicker were in rooms that showed the outside landscape. These patients also got either no medicine or medicine in a very low dose. Patients who were more in pain and their recovery time was longer had been in rooms looking out into a brick wall. This is an example of how nature can affect our physical and emotional health positively or negatively. Our surroundings can either help us get better or stall us and the healing will take longer.

Animals play a key role in our everyday lives. There are many ways animals can be used. Some ways include seeing eye dogs that help lead the blind. Another way is a dog that can detect seizures for people who are epileptic. Animals can be used during patient recovery such as occupational therapy, speech therapy or physical therapy. Animals and pets can be used just to even better peoples lives. About 62% of american households have a pet. Most people think of their pets as members of their own family. Research studies show that people with pets have healthier hearts and are more healthy in everyday life. People with pets tend to not take sick days, not see the doctor as often and get more exercise. Taking the dog for a walk provides happiness and a relaxing experience for the owner. Having a dog or other animals around during stressful situations may improve the lowering of blood pressure and regulation of heart rate. A study found that having your dog in the room lowered pressure better than taking a popular type of blood pressure medication when you are under stress.

Nature and animals both have very similar ways to calm us. Both nature and animals show us comfort and make us feel more at ease. Nature has the ability to change our moods and so do animals, they can make us happy, upset or sad. I believe that going camping almost all the time in the summer helps me deal with everyday anxiety. I also believe by having a dog she keeps me safe and is always there when I need her. She senses when we are sick or sad and lays with you and puts a paw on our cheek and cuddles up close. Animals have had a very important impact on my life and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to have such amazing dogs in my life.

During the span of our lives we can go through a roller coaster ride of emotions. Nature and pets help us throughout everyday life. They help us be who we are. Nature gives us the chance to be free, to explore and be ourselves. Pets give us comfort when the times get hard or when we need someone there for us. They may not be here for our whole lives but to them we are their whole lives. We live everyday without even noticing the impact these things have on us. But it is time that we learn what nature and pets can show us.