English Lit./Comp.

Perhaps one of the most profound pieces of African American short

story literature is Zora Hurstons' How It Feels to Be Colored Me. In


conclusion of her short story, Hurston depicts her own life experiences

through the personification of a brown bag and its contents. To detail


life through mere contents of a paper bag is a difficult task, however,

I am

a simple man among many, trying not to drown in an ocean of complexity

more commonly known as society.

My bag is comprised of many objects, some which I have yet to use

and others that have already expired. The first content inside my bag

is a

pack of wet matches that can no longer be used to light the path I must

travel to reach my destiny. The next object inside my bag is a two-way

radio that has been partially damaged, only able to receive information


transmit it. The radio develops my keen listening skills but it does


allow me to call for help or be heard in any way. The third item found


my bag is an inflatable life vest which could be used to save my life,


that large holes have worn through its exhausted material. The next


contained within my bag is a small bible that I once read daily. Now


pages within the bible are stained with water of incertitude and

the smeared ink that was once writing is now a collection of modern art

masterpieces upon the blessed canvas from which previously read.

The unexpired contents of my brown bag include a golden needle

with silver thread, a collection of postal stamps and a small lighter.

I am a

strong believer in mankind's ability to believe in himself, but he must


the contents inside his own bag to overcome the seemingly insurmountable

obstacles of life. As for the remaining contents of my bag, I can only

hypothesize how they may be used to help me stay afloat in this large

ocean of life.

Through a careful examination of my life the realization of simplicity


evident. I strive to be myself, for as myself I believe that

individuality is the

strongest light, the quickest way to be heard and the only method of


afloat in today's society. Perhaps the "Great Stuffer of Bags" stuffed

all of

the bags a little too similar to each other.