Ethan Frome

The Night of a Lifetime
For teenagers every problem (no matter how big or small) is a big deal. If they have too much homework, and can?t make it to the basketball game to hang out with their friends, it?s just not fair. When the boy or girl they?ve been infatuated with says they?re going to call, and never does, it?s heartbreaking. When all these small problems seem like such a big deal, it only makes sense for the even bigger problems to be devastating. All teenagers deal with these problems in different ways. For Amber, a teenage girl growing up in a small town, it seemed the only way she could get through her problems was by hurting herself, and in the end, everyone else around her too.
Growing up in a small town can be tougher than a big city, because it?s harder to get away from your problems when everyone knows about them and keeps reminding you of them. Amber found that she could at least forget her problems, along with everything else, by going out to parties on the weekends and getting "wasted". She hung out with a good group of girls, and her boyfriend was the captain of the football team, so no one suspected a thing.
One night though, Amber went too far, and when she came home drunk and passed out on her bed, she scared her parents half to death. It was a rough patch in her life, and hurting her family like that made it even rougher.

Autumn never told anyone, but one of her greatest fears was losing all of her friends by getting too wrapped up in a boy. It seemed like it all just happened so fast, and in just one day Autumn?s friends decided that they were sick of being put second to Autumn?s relationship with her boyfriend. She was so upset and confused that her boyfriend decided he didn?t want to be dragged down by her unhappy life. Autumn suddenly found herself more alone then ever.
It definitely didn?t seem to help that Autumn?s parents were out of town while all of this was happening. Instead of letting that add to her stress though, Autumn decided to take advantage of the situation. She called up all of her old "drinking buddies" and let them all know that she would be hosting that nights drinking binge. Autumn didn?t even think twice about having a party at her house, her parents were out of town, her sister would be staying the night at her boyfriends house, and with all that had happened that week getting "trashed" seemed like her only way out.
When everyone got to her house, the party started and Autumn didn?t waste a minute opening up the beer. She designated all the rooms and areas so there would be no conflict in interests that night, and the drama would be kept at a minimum. The living room and kitchen were the drinking rooms, the back porch was the smoking area, and she even lit some candles in her sister?s room to set the mood for the make-out area.
The party was pretty laid back; everyone just kept to their areas and mingled. At around 3:00 am Autumn had had way more than she should?ve to drink. She was drunk, but coherent enough to kick everyone who wasn?t staying the night out, and make sure everything was done before she went to bed. She made sure everyone in the make-out room had somewhere to sleep, and that they would blowout the candles before they went to bed. She made sure everyone was inside from the smoking area and all the doors were locked, and she made sure to take the dogs out and put them in her parents room. She brushed her teeth and made her way into her bedroom, and found her friend Chris totally passed out in her bed. She slapped him around a little bit until he barely opened his eyes a little bit and mumbled, "Wow, you sure do like turtles don?t you." Autumn?s room was full of turtle stuffed animals, figurines, pictures, and even two real water turtles and a desert tortoise which she referred to as her "babies." She laughed and helped Chris make his way out to the