Evidence Based Writing Strategy I

POWER is a strategy that help students organize all the steps in writing. The process involves the use of self questioning, graphic organizers, and peer editing. POWER stands for:

P--- Planning
O--- Organizing
W--- Writing
E--- Editing
R--- Revising

The strategy teaches students four different organizational structures for writing papers, stories, comparison/contrast, explanations, and problem/solution. A comparison structure included information on what subjects are being compared, on what characteristics of both subjects are being compared on what characteristics of those subjects is being compared, and on how the subjects are alike and/or different in relation to that characteristic. For the planning stage, students focus on the audience for the paper, the purpose, and the background knowledge that is necessary to write a paper. In the organizing step, students decide which organizational pattern fits their paper, and then completes a pattern guide to help them organize their ideas. In the writing stage the teacher demonstrates and thinks aloud to show students how to take the information gathered in the planning and organizing steps and produce a first draft. The editing step teaches students to critique their own writing and to identify areas in which they need clarification or assistance, an important self-evaluation skill. In the revising steps, students decide on changes to be made using their self-evaluation marks and peer feedback.

POWER Lesson Plan
Theme: My Disney Vacation
Topic: Writing
Hannah recently went on a family vacation to Orlando, Florida to Disney World. Pictures and Videos have been uploaded to her communicative device and the goal is to get her to write a story about her trip.

Planning: A powerpoint presentation slide will be used to help Hannah first pick the pictures that she would like to write about. The audience is her family and peers, and the purpose of this assignment is to enhance her writing skills based on her leisure activities.

Organizing: Hannah will be required to decide which pattern or pictures she will like to use to construct her essay. She has the options from starting from the earlier pictures of her getting on the plane, pictures at disney, or pictures of her departing Orlando, Florida.