Experiencing the arts
July 22, 2015
When I think of are or see art I believe art as something that expresses ones creativity, or many different ideas a person may have that gets a reaction from others in either positive or negative influences. Art can be exactly anything that expresses ones emotions or different culture aspects or beliefs. Many people express art through musically or artistically (meaning painting or sculptures) or literacy.
I have many different experiences of the arts. My first experience was a play I seen when I attainted another college. There way of expressing art was through a musical with little talking and more singing and dancing. You had to figure out the message that the performers were trying to get to the audience just as in a painting or sculpture. The performance will leave you in a gaze as too whatís going on or whatís happening next. The art communicated to me that art is way more than just throwing together a bunch of paintings onto a piece of frame work. People express art in many different ways other than and picture.
Another form of art I experienced was the many different art works inside of my home. Itís very decorative and moderate and a way me and my family expresses ourselves. All of our art work are very formal and tell a different meaning or story. We try to incorporate arts that have a meaning instead of just putting up just anything inside of our home. The art inside of our home tells a story line and serves a purpose. The art inside of my home is very dramatic and it keeps you engaged to look deeper inside of the painting.