Experiencing the Arts
Jennifer Linnell
ARTS 100
November 23, 2015
Shay Tyler

Experiencing the Arts
There are many different forms of art in our life. Art, in my mind, is a creative expression created by a person through physical form, like painting or sculpturing, or audio form, like vocal and instrumental. Each form of art can send a powerful message and inspire many with its creative beauty.
An experience with art that I have had and continued to have is with music. When I was younger, I joined the band. The first time I picked up the clarinet and looked over the sheet music, I was terrified. That feeling of terror vanished once I began to understand the concept of music and played my first note. Hearing the crisp and clear tones created by all of the instruments in unison inspired me in ways, I have never felt before. To this day, the sounds of an Orchestra moves me. When I attend symphonies, I close my eyes and allow the music to paint a beautiful story in my mind.
Another experience with art that I have had would be my tattoos. Many do not consider this a form of art, however, I use my tattoos as a way of self-expression. I have had many things happen within my lifetime that I want to share with many people, including my time in the Military and my love for music. One day I found myself sketching out a time line, incorporating each chapter of my life, creatively integrating each section. My wish is to communicate my story, without words, but with my concept of what my life is all about and the places I have been. I feel that my sketches and tattoos will allow many to be creatively inspired.
Art can come in many different forms and can be interpreted in many different ways. Whether it is painting, sculpting, dance, or music, people can use these forms to artistically express themselves.