The experiential essay process is a way for students to demonstrate equivalent college-level learning, referencing the concepts, theories, and principles of a college-level course. This template organizes course outcomes around Kolb's Learning Model (Concrete Experience/Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualization, Active Experimentation) to guide students in the process of documenting their knowledge and experiences leading to the learning.

The course selected must be a 3 credit Ashford University undergraduate course.

Student Name

Jenna Shultz

Course Number and Title

BUS433 New Business Strategy

Course Description

This course is intended to provide prospective entrepreneurs with information and tools for evaluating opportunities for starting a new firm—how to choose markets for entry, when to enter, and what resources and capabilities it will take to enter and provide a platform for future growth. Prerequisite: BUS 362.

Part I
Outcomes 1
Explain the whole and parts of the Strategic Management process as it applies to entrepreneurial ventures.
I worked as a farm manager at Fincel's Sweet Corn for fifteen years since the age of twenty two. I had joined the staff at twenty years and my hard work made everyone to trust me. I was open in sharing innovative ideas. Fincel's Sweet, as a part of the farmer's market tradition in Dubuque offered fresh, locally grown produce of the highest quality and we had voluntarily chosen not to use GMO seeds.
I was the farm manager with an emphasis on marketing and advertising. I decided to come up with decisions to improve the business by enforcing new ideas. I came up with a variety of fruits and vegetables to be grown so as to expand our consumer base; this was effectively taken up and the customers appreciated the new products (Biraglia & Kadile, 2016). We were able to get new customers from the inclusion of the variety of products because many were interested in being our customers.
We committed resources in buying more seeds for other products and invested in marketing by creating several platforms of advertising our products to our customers. Some of the members of the ten member committee may have doubted my decisions but with time they bought into them.
My goal was to increase the profitable income from the business and I achieved just that by improving our marketing process and coming up with new variety of products. I infused technology into every step of marketing so as to keep updated with the ever changing world of business.

Outcomes 2
Describe the roles which the entrepreneur plays within the strategy making process.
My management embraced competence and I maintained admirable standards that were appreciated. Handling issues was given more weight than my predecessors and the whole group was motivated towards achieving the set goals in the business. The competence created order and uniformity within the business. Competence played a great role especially regarding the decisions I often made towards improving the business.
I created new business ventures when I started online marketing within the business. I initiated the whole process by employing an Information Technology expert to take care of the interaction with our customers online. This enabled us to get other potential customers who had not known about us. It was an exposure for the business to an international level. This was part of embracing technology. The business required to grow to a great extent especially to attract new customers, so this was necessary.
I was also active in expanding the business because I knew that I was a key agent of change within the organization. I expanded by introducing new products like cabbages that we had not been selling previously. This was upheld by the members of the committee and together we embarked on expanding Fincel's sweet corn. Several new products that I introduced were upheld by the customers and the sales trend increased appropriately.
Outcomes 3
Analyze a new venture and its competitive environment
Online marketing was what I introduced at Fincel's Sweet Corn to enhance a faster sell of our products to our customers even beyond the borders. Since my emphasis was on marketing and advertising, this was an important step for me. This enabled us to be recognized even on the international business platform since we could interact with many customers online. We also offered delivery services by charging a small fee. We thought it would