Demetris Haywood

Online websites

In the article, ?Is Facebook Growing Too Fast?? Brad Stone talks about the good and the bad of face book. He feels that face book has grown to be a very popular website but, at the same time grow to be very troublesome. He also gives examples on why facebook as turned out to be the way it is now. I agree that this change is something In between because people are able to reconnect with family, network and the problems facebook causes.
Facebook is a very big improvement and reconnecting with friends is one. For the people who didn?t know they had more family around the world can now log on to face book and search for friends and family member. This online website helps people who has lost contact with each other after a certain amount of years or when they gradated high school. There are so many people logged on a day that their is no other choice but too make friends and come across a few old friends that haven?t been seem In a while. Just reconnecting with family members can make a family bond stronger. For example, Ms. Haber says.? I?m using Facebook and trying to unite this family.? Which means she not on there just because its something to do but, she?s on their in search of loved ones.
ON the other hand Facebook can cause lots of drama and problems between friends and family. For example, Stone says? ?Dwindling secrets, and prying eyes, are at the heart of the facebook conundrum.? He saying that people get online ready to see what other people have done today and what problems that have occur during the day. Some people are online all day that all they do is look for drama and it shows how unhealthy Facebook can be at times. The fact remains that people just cant go on facebook and add anybody to their page. For example, Dan Leone expressed his self about a problem on facebook and it showed on his status but, ?Mr. Leone?s boss, who was his facebook friend, forwarded the update to an Eagles guest services manager, who fired him.? That right their lets people know that if everybody is add as a friend there can only be so much said. For example, Mr. Zuckerberg states that, ?Facebook?s most important metrics are not its membership but the percentage of the wired world that uses the site and the amount of information- photographs, news articles and status updates- zipping across its servers.? Which means facebook didn?t get to were its at now because of the people its how the people use the website and the things that go on the website. It shows that the people who use facebook don?t really matter if they are not updating their status or talking about something that?s interesting.

Once again facebook can be used as a handy tool for people who need to network. Online networking is one of the best ways to get jobs and other things. It is an online website with billions of people logged on everyday. Such as people who need to talk to famous people about music, education, or sports. For example, Mr. Cox says.? Cool only lasts for so long, but being useful is something that applies to everyone. He saying that Facebook may be a place for people to be cool but, facebook can be helpful for those who take advantage of the website such as people who need to network. There are few people who use facebook for the advantage of getting noticed.
Being on facebook is good but online websites are not for everybody. Since facebook is so popular it can be found any were and be used just about everywhere including cell phones. An online website can online do so much for a person and wasting time on looking at pictures is something that can be done at home. I hope that online websites will not be the fate of our time.