Faces of Power: Japan
Lindsay, Reem, Ashley

How Power Originated
Emperors came into power at the beginning from being Decedents of the “Sun Goddess.”
Their constitution was made In 1946, but it wasn’t used till 1947.
The Meiji Constitution of 1889
The allied leaders, after Germany surrendered on July 1945, met at Potsdam to discuss postwar policies. They made the decision to occupy the Japanese land once victory had been achieved in the pacific. They also decided to break apart Japanese forces and the trial of Japanese war criminals. After consideration they all wanted democratic reforms in Japan’s government and they would occupy the land until japan had a peaceful, inclined, and responsible government.

How does the power operate in the country?

Japan’s economic/social success
Japan is one of the worlds most successful democracy's and largest economy. (according to www.state.gov)
The economy of japan is the third largest in the world.

Social Pyramid

Corruption in Japan
Japan corruption involves politics including violations of campaign finance law and related bribery and tax laws.

Are they happy?
Japan’s population has good life benefits but the people still are not happy.
There has been protests for more power for the common people.

LOTF Connection
If the boys adopted these laws and customs it would work more fluently and decisions would be made quicker.
Although there is room for corruption, there is still a large amount of respect.
We think that the system would be successful.