Falsely Accused

What has to happen before the media quits jumping to conclusions about
news stories ? It makes you wonder about the possibility of legal restrictions
on the amount of information that the media can put out before the actual case
is proven and solved. I mean after all in the case of Richard Jewell , there was
a definite issue of false accusations . This man was treated unfairly under the
false assumption that he was guilty of a crime that he did not commit.
I think that Jewell should defiantly be compensated for the anguish that
he had to go through for over three months after that bombing. It was not bad
enough that he had to see his co-workers and hundreds of innocent people
endangered and injured by the terrible incident in Atlanta. He also had to go
through being accused of being behind the whole thing . How much worse could it
get? I mean what should people start to think ? He said that he felt like an
animal being stalked , just waiting to be killed . Now who are we to listen to ?
This innocent man or the media , who obviously will print what it takes true or
untrue , to make a story .
I think that we as Americans owe the accused of there legal right of
innocent until proven guilty before we can start accusing them publicly. There
is no reason to believe what is being said in the media until there is some
definite truth in the case . I mean just because the cops may have beliefs that
there is guilt means nothing . After all the FBI gave the media information and
it was plain and simply wrong . The way the FBI handled the case was atrocious
and intolerable. Who can we the public trust if we can't even trust a
government legal authority? Who are we to go to at that point when the
government agencies are falsely accusing us ? I guess that Richard Jewell was
just lucky enough to have a brave lawyer that cared and new there was nothing
right about the way this man was being treated. I just think that is a serious
problem , there have to be some better laws or restrictions .
So in my belief we the public have the right to not be harassed by the
media any time previous to the proven guilt in the crime we are accused of .
There is no reason to put somebody in the lime light for something that may not
even be involved with. We should be protected from the government agencies also .
I don't know how we could get protection from government but there should
definitely be some . There have just been to many cases of false accusations
towards people , it ruins lives and gives people grief that I and most people
know that they truly do not deserve. It has to stop and I hope that somebody
with authority realizes that and does something about it.