Fast Food Analysis

Explain how individuals can make healthier choices if they choose to eat at
fast food outlets. Where are the "hidden calories" in typical fast food

Well as much as we would like to think that we can make healthy
choices when eating fast food, I really do not think that it is possible.
I mean we could opt for the salad instead of the cheeseburger but it that
really the healthier choice? That sends us to the question, where are the
"hidden calories" in fast food? Well the hidden calories are in the extras,
like the sauce, the cheese and the oil that it is fried in and if you are
having a salad think about all the things in that salad, for example the
chicken bacon ranch salad, that has the grilled chicken, the bacon, and the
tortilla strips and then the creamy ranch dressing that you know we add way
more than we are should.

What options exist at fast food restaurants for making healthier choices?

I know that fast food restaurants are trying hard to offer healthy
options on the menu. For instance, McDonald's, they offer the egg white
mcmuffin. Now naturally we think of it is an egg white so it is healthy.
Well that assumption is half right. The Egg white mcmuffin has a total of
260 calories, which is not bad if that is all you have but it had 22% DV
from saturated fat and 31% DV in sodium which these two things are not
healthy at all.

Do you think it is possible to have a well-balanced diet made up of
primarily fast food and why do you feel this way or not?

When we see on TV or in advertisements that a fast food restaurant is
offering healthy choices we automatically think, I can still have my
favorite food just a healthy option. In my opinion I do not think that we
can maintain a healthy well balanced diet on fast food alone. When you look
at it on a deeper level, you would really need to know the ingredients of
your food. Is the hamburger used 100% beef? If it is what is the fat
content, 80/20 0r 90/10 and I highly doubt that it is 93/7. The chicken
wrap, makes you think healthy because it is in a wrap, but you must think,
how is the chicken prepared? I really do not think that we could sustain
and maintain a well-balanced diet on fast food alone.

What tools are available for consumers today to learn about the nutrient
content of fast food menu items?

The internet is a great tool to find the nutrition information for any
fast food menu. In fact, that is where most restaurants recommend that you
go if you want to know this information. However, if you ask for the
information while dining in sometimes they will have the information on a
card or on the bottom of the menu.