Firearms; Vital Tools for Self Defense or Deadly Killers?


There are presently in excess of 200 million guns in the United States,
according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Each year this number
grows by 4 to 5 million. There are 60 to 65 million legal owners of one or more
guns.1 There is a firearm on the premises of more than half the households in
America. Most of them keep guns for protection. The others keep them for
hunting, target shooting, collecting, and similar pursuits.
In recent years nearly 35,000 people have been killed annually by guns
in the United States. These deaths include 15,000 murders, 18,000 suicides, and
1,500 accidents.2 It is because of these statistics that many would like to ban
guns altogether. But is that really in your best interest? Would it really
benefit this country, or reduce the number of murders in this country?
Consider the evidence in this article and you will see that guns should not be
outlawed and that less gun control in necessary to preserve what the founders of
this country believed in.

Guns are Beneficial

Guns can help prevent crime. This is a view held by many opponents to
gun control. The criminals themselves agree. As part of a three - year study
by the U. S. Department of Justice, criminals in prisons across the nation were
interviewed. Sixty percent feared being shot by an armed citizen more than
being shot by the police. fifty - three percent did not commit a specific
crime because they were afraid the victim was armed. Fifty - seven percent of
them were scared off by an armed victim who either brandished a gun or actually
fired it.3 This alone shows that crime would drop if more citizens owned,
carried and knew how to use guns.
One such case involved eleven - year old Jason Green of Houston, Texas.
Home alone one night, he heard noises in the house. Arming himself with his
father's shotgun he investigated and caught a burglar in the act. Just then his
mother pulled up outside in the family car. Fearing the burglar might harm his
mother Jason fired. His mother reacted by bursting into the house and firing
her revolver. Hit by bullets from both guns the burglar died.
Jason's mother, like Jason, was defending her house against an intruder.
There are about 645,000 defensive uses of handguns each year, according to Gary
Kleck, a professor at Florida State University. He bases his figure on several
surveys on handgun use, including one done for an organization that favors
banning all guns. Kleck also concluded that hand guns used in self - defense,
or some other legally justified cause kill 1,500 to 2,800 criminals every year.
If other types of firearms besides handguns are included, then over 1,000,000
law - abiding citizens use guns for self - defense annually.
Guns also provide vulnerable women with some form of protection against
rape and other violent crime. Recently, Orlando, Florida saw an increase in the
number of rapes over a twelve - month period from 12.8 per 100,000 to 35.9
per100,000. Women in Orlando were afraid to go out alone, even in the daytime.
Citizens of Orlando demanded that something be done.
Something was done. the Orlando Police Department set up a program to
train women to use handguns. Over three thousand women armed themselves and
took training courses. As a result, Orlando's rape figure dropped to 4.1 per
100,000 - a 90 percent drop from the previous high. Similar programs in
Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan, and Montgomery, Alabama saw impressive
reductions in crimes against women, including both rape and robbery.
One woman victim decided on her own that she had enough. A fifty - one
year old woman of Los Angeles, California, twice raped by the same man,
purchased a handgun and took lesions to learn how to use it. When the man
return a third time she shot and killed him.
These are just a handful of examples of why handguns help prevent crime.
There are literally thousands of these stories. The bottom line though is
criminals will have guns and other weapons whether the government takes them
away from law - abiding citizens or not. The plain and simply fact is guns give
people an effective way to arm yourself and protect yourself when the police
aren't around. Whether or not proponents of gun control want to admit it or not
this is a proven fact.
Is Banning Guns a Good Idea?

The answer is clear, NO. Why not you may ask? Ask yourself this, if
the government were to ban the sale and use and ownership of guns would
criminals comply with this law? The problem with