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Five-Step Model of Problem Solving

List the five steps in the model for problem solving from Ch. 6 of Critical Thinking in Everyday Life. Write a brief description of each in your own words. Cite any sources you use.

Step Description
Step 1: Identify the problem In this step you spend as much time as possible to identify what the problem actually is.
Step 2: Discover the causes of the problem To find out any information you can on why the problem came to be, what's the root cause.
Step 3: Create options to solve the problem
(creative thinking) Coming up with an option that will solve the problem.
Step 4: Evaluate the best options to solve the problem (critical thinking) Evaluating which option is the best alternative for the problem.
Step 5: Act, monitor and modify selected options, if necessary Implementing the selected option identified as the best approach to solve the problem.
re-‐evaluating the selected option to ensure
it's solving the problem.
Adjusting the selected option or, if that doesn't improve matters, abandoning it and re-visiting the list of options and selecting
a better alternative.