Owen Napolitano
English Block C


I think Florida would be an amazing place to live. It is a very warm place their all year round. You can always wear shorts. I live in Massachusetts and I always have to check the weather before I wear shorts. Orlando is home of the worldwide popular park Disney World! Although sports down there are not good at all.

Orlando is very popular it has a lot of fan favorite parks, very nice beaches and some very nice hotels. Best of all it is the home of Disney World. The beachís there are very warm and the sand is known to very hot and feet burning. I love going to beaches but I have learned that when itís like that you need to wear shoes or you will be hurting.

Florida is home to many different sport teams. I love sports so I would get to see so many sport games. The sports there not good sorry to say. They have the Florida Gators who are the only Florida Sports teams that all usually do ok. They are home of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. Their best spots team is the Miami Heat who has LeBron James, Chris Bosh and D-Wade.

There are a lot of good jobs in Florida for what imp interesting in sports. I love sports so to get paid everyday to work with something to with something I love to do whatís better? Also I think it would be so cool to trash on the campus of the Florida Gators that would be a dream.
The only bad thing about working in Florida is it is allays very hot and humid. There can be hurricanes if you live on the coast.

Overall Florida would be a great place to live its warm; there are some parts you could live where little crime goes down. If I got to live in Florida I would be a happy