Many people tolerate and put up with others so much but there is a point in life where they have to make a wise decision to make their lives happier and better. Poisonwood Bible is a story that is told by a wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, and it is about a man taking his family on a religious mission to Congo. As the time passes, Orleanna Price sees herself in a tough situation because she has to follow her husband?s orders yet they are putting their daughters? lives in danger in a foreign dangerous country. In the novel Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, Orleanna Price is seen as a shadow of her husband but as the novel continues to unravel we see her take up a stand for herself and for her daughters and abandons her husband. Although Orleanna thought she did good in following her husband?s commands and follow him with his ideas, she soon realized that he was doing his missionary work for selfish reasons and that he never cared for her or his daughters. Orleanna?s way of thinking is changed throughout the novel and she goes from being the shadow of Nathan Price and into being the light of her own self by becoming an independent woman.
At the beginning of the novel, Orleanna is clearly seen as a lamb following her shepherd to Congo. Orleanna lost her mother at a very young age and we can give her sympathy for that because she only had very little women influence and that made it easier for Nathan Price to control her. As a wife, Orleanna thought she had to follow her husband?s orders and commands because that is what a wife does for her husband. Orleanna started to notice that her husband?s religious mission to go for Congo were for his own selfish reasons and he cared more about attempting the village people to convert into Christianity than for his daughter?s safety or his wife?s say about this whole situation. ?I was his instrument, his animal. Nothing more. How we wives and mothers do perish at the hands of our own righteousness? (89); Orleanna was a vulnerable woman that followed her husband orders as well as a soldier would follow his sergeant. She didn?t have direction and she thought that Nathan was the one who completed the family and made everything run stable. Orleanna knew she was hurting herself and daughters by continuing to be on Nathan?s side but she felt that it would be outrageous for a woman to leave her husband because they wouldn?t have the same power to maintain and keep the family strong.