Food Intake – 3 Days
Michelle Delamotte
November 8, 2015
Tess DeBlander

On day one my macronutrient distribution was very unbalanced. I ended up with a total of 1113 kCal of kilocalories. 422 kCal ended up coming from total fat, 496 kCal came from carbs, and 206 kCal came from proteins. It seemed the only thing in line on that day was my protein intake. On day two, it was the exact same instance except my total kilocalories that day was 1282 kCal. But still the only think in line was my protein intake. My total fats were over the acceptable macronutrient distribution range and my carbs were under the macronutrient distribution range. On day three I had the same occurrence. On this day I had a total of 1519 kilocalories.
Diet Analysis
My 3-day intake showed a lot of ups and downs within my diet. It was surprising to find out that 20-35% of my calories came from total fat when in fact I should have only had an intake of about 435 – 761 kcal of total fat per day and 45-65% of my calories came from carbohydrates when that should have only been about 245 – 353 g per day. Also more then 10% of my calories derived from saturated fats. My protein intake was apart of 10 – 35% of my total Kcalories and my recommended intake based on my weight is 50g per day. This was quite disturbing to me since I felt like I had been eating healthier for quite a few months now.
Dietary Modifications
As I stated above I really thought I was eating a better well balanced diet. I always cook from scratch with fresh and unprocessed foods. This was so surprising to me to find out I still was taking in so many calories from carbohydrates and saturated fats. After doing some research it looks like my daily energy expenditure should be around 1892 kcals per day ( My BMI is 25.6, which is a bit above average for my body type. I will try to make some changes as far as my total fat and carbohydrate intake for the future. Insufficient intake of nutrients can limit the body’s immunity. It also could make it harder for the body to rebuild itself from think like tissue repair. Too much protein can be hard on the kidneys and in return promote the progression of things like renal failure, gout, and sometimes cancer. Refined carbs can destabilize blood sugar and without the correct amount of nutrients deprive your of the calories you are taking in.
In conclusion I have learned I need to be more conscious about the foods that I am eating. I enjoy having meat and potatoes, but I need to do that in moderation. I also learned I was only actually getting about Ό of the vitamins I needed with my intake, so I will also take some time teaching myself to make sure I am taking in more vitamins within my food intake, calcium and potassium in particular. Fruits are definitely lacking from my daily intake so I will be fitting more fruits in as I progress. I am learning I can make small changes instead of changing everything all at once. Over time, even small changes can make a big difference in your health (

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