Foods in Asia


The Chinese make full use of the many kinds of foods produced in china.Most of the basic foods -- rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, meat fish, and vegetables,
are well known to us and are used in western cooking. Food is chopped intobite sized pieces and is usually cooked quickly over a hot flame or steamed toretain its flavor and color. These fast-cooking methods are very nutritious, asthey preserve the food's natural vitamins.

The Chinese are sociable eaters and often eat out with thier family andfriends. For lunch, they may snack on rice dumplings stuffed with meat or sweetbean paste or have a filling bowl of rice or noodles with meat and vegetables. Inthe evening they eat a more substantial meal. This usually consists of severalcourses; sometimes many dishes are served at the same time and shared by allthe people around the table.


Traditionally the Japanese diet has consisted of rice, fresh fish, andvegetables. While these remain the staples, Japanese people today enjoy agreat variety of locally produced and impoted foods. Fish is one of the nation'sfavorite foods, providing just under half the animal protein consumed by a average person.

A traditional Japanese diet is very healty. It is high in vitamins andvegetables proteins, and low in fat. A typical Japanese meal is made up of manysmall, artistically arranged dishes. The appearence of the food is important.Japanese food must look as perfect as it tastes.


The location of Vietnam on the Southeast Asian peninsula accounts for much of the country's identity. This tiny agricultural nation has absorbedChinese, French, and American influences. Food and family are central toVietnamese life. There is a Vietnamese saying that "The first pleasure in theworld is eating." A major concern is for tectures and appearance.

The fresh, clean taste of Vietnamese cooking comes from the use of fresh
herbs and seasonings; garlic, lemon and lime. Raw or lightly steamed vegetablesand fruit are often used. Becuase foods are never prepared in animal fat nor served with sugary sauces the Vietnamese diet is wholesome and nutritious aswell.